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  1. Today I went to a guys house to install an air cond unit and when I walked into his garage he had this Immaculate Espada.The funny thing was that the guy just didn't seem to be the type to own such a car.I asked him about it and he told me he had it for 8 years and just loved the car.I couldn't believe how long the car was
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  3. Too cool! The Espada certainly seems to be a love/hate kind of car. You'd have to put me FIRMLY in the love camp ('course I like Porsche 928s too, so I guess I'm a bit weird :) ).
  4. LOVE the ESPADA!

    A very long and wide car, certainly. . .
  5. yeah i've only ever seen one, out driving around woodcroft (adelaide southern burbs) back in about '98. i had no freakin idea what it was, i was expecting E.T. to come out of the dam thing when it stopped.

    it looks like a hearse for anorexics.
  6. Here are some shots of my Espada. I've had it just about a year now, and it's a fun ride. Really unusual, really fast, and really cool engine noise. can take three other adults along for the ride!
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  8. You pretty much own all of the cars that I dream to own... (yes im into the classics)

    well at least I'm studying to be an engineer like you ~ so i can hope :)

  9. Hi Daryl,

    I am just having a discussion about 2+2 Ferraris in the vintage section where you can read about my thoughts.

    Next to the 2+2 Ferraris I am thinking about the Espada is a car (and an alternative) that I really seem to like. I will look at one example close to where I live but I don't think it will be the right car. A couple of years ago I acquired a Jaguar E-Type S1 as my first classic sportscar (pictures are also in the other thread if you are interested) and up to now I am pretty satisfied (although I drive it on the track and in classic rallyes).

    But the Espada could be much more expensive I fear - you never now. Can you give me any tips or hints?

    Regards from Munich,

  10. I wish Lambo would make another Espada. It would be awesome.

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