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espada service pricey like a countach or diablo?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by johng, Jan 27, 2005.

  1. i like the espada but don't want to spend $8K on a clutch every 5K miles or so. how does the espada compare to the ferrari 308 in terms of service cost and reliability?

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  3. Well, you can take this for what it's worth. I've never owned an Espada, but have owned a Jarama, and have never owned a 308, but currently own a 328.

    I bought the Jarama with 8 miles on a completely rebuilt engine and transmission. After I had put about 500 miles on it, my brother (an excellent mechanic) and I adjusted the valves, re-tensioned the timing chain and re-torqued the heads. It took about 12 hours to do - a substantial amount of this time was devoted to removing the carbs and re-installing them when we were done. It wasn't hard but there is A LOT of engine there. Only one valve was out of spec and needed to be adjusted. We repeated the process about 3000 miles later and oddly the same valve was again very slighly out of adjustment. We re-shimmed it. My particular car needed some additional work because it had sat for many years but I certainly don't think you can fault Lamborghini for that. And, that's it. Other than yearly fluid changes and regular wear and tear items, the car ran like a frieght train the entire 11 years I owned it. Occasionally, it had an odd ignition problem where the driver's side bank of cylinders would cut out. No one could ever diagnose the problem and it happened so infrequently I just lived with it. Also, it was difficult to start when I let it sit too long. Once the problems caused by its inactivity were adressed, it never left me stranded. I really feel the Lambo V12 is a robust but very visceral masterpiece of an engine. Finally, if you need a new clutch every 5,000 miles, I would look into changing your driving style. If driven properly, I would say an Espada clutch should go 50,000 miles.

    Don't get me wrong, I love my 328 and would readily admit it is a better CAR than the Lamborghini was -- much better brakes and handling. It is not, however, a big throbbing erection of a car that rips through the gears and sounds as if the hounds of hell have been released everytime the throttle hits the floor boards. Yes, I will own another V12 Lambo again -- or maybe a carbed Ferrari Boxer. No engine has ever spoken to me like the 6 Weber Lamborghini V12.

    In short, I would say a properly sorted front-engined Lambo would be at least as reliable as a carb 308 and possibly a little less costly to maintain (no cam belts to change!!). However, I would say it will be more troublesome than a 308 FI, QV or 328.

    Just my $.02
  4. thanks for the in-depth answer!

  5. Rarely see 'em, even in the car-rich greater New York area. The ones i have seen looked beat. But, what a great car. Values remain low, probably because of the cost/benefit of sinking money in to them. But a well-bought one could be a real hoot, and worth keeping; so oddly shaped, but with the years (and the sort of staleness of design on most everything else since), the car looks better to my eye every time i do see one. Any input on the various series?
  6. The 12 cyl Lamborghini engine is robust and reliable. The key is to drive the car. The 2 + 2 cars (including RE, and Maser etc) are often neglected. The issue is the easy admission price. The cars can be found anywhere from a car that runs (15K) to the very best car (30K). I am not talking about 1960's cars. I am talking about the Espada, Jarama, 400 2 + 2, and 412 etc..

    The issue that comes up, is when someone is confronted with an expensive repair bill. The car may only be worth 19K to someone on a good day. How is the owner going to feel, when the bill can reach into five figures ? It will be more with MAJOR engine work (rebuild etc....) There is no problem buying these cars. They are superb vehicles that are every inch a Lamborghini or Ferrari. Just make sure you buy the BEST mechanical car with records of services. Those cars are hard to locate. Why ? The owner comes to a good conclusion. What else can I buy for 25/30K ? You are going to give up a classic handbuilt 12cyl Italian rear drive car with hand stitched leather for 25/30 ? I would not want to miss the Webers, for that kind of cash. I am looking for an excellent Jarama or Islero. It will take time to find a good one.

    The clutch ? I handed over to the new owner, my 88 Countach with the original clutch. - He became the third owner. It can be done.
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  8. great posts, guys. thanks! i'm not nearly as familiar with lamborghini as i am with ferrari. i've read in magazines how lamborghinis are much more expensive to service than ferraris, so i am a bit cautious when thinking about lamborghini ownership. as usual, once one starts talking to actual owners, the picture changes. it was like that with ferraris. before coming to this site, i had no idea 328s were so reliable. i'll take whatever maintenance/buying advice you guys have.

  9. I watched last year in "Fine Living" channel an old lady who owns an Espada. She drives it daily and she is a very pleased and proud owner. That's a good testament to its reliability (if driven regularly).

    Agree. If you have to change the clutch every 5k miles, you change your driving style. Don't blame the car. :)
  10. I love it when my webers speak to me. They YELL! Although I have only 4 webers, it does a good enough job for me until I can get a carbed C/T.


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