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Ebay-advertise on a Lamborghini for 2 years

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by MurcieMurcie, Feb 15, 2005.

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  2. He doesn't show his car.
    Maybe it's a lambo kitcar ??
  3. LOL. He asks for "PG" ads only, yet the picture on the ebay listing has a naked blonde on the hood.

    Human stupidity knows no bounds.
  4. I didn't know that Lamborghini made a "rocket car".........

    Multi-level marketing knows no bounds...........

  5. Hey- don't knock MLM! There are stupid people IN Multi-level marketing, but the model is brilliant, not just for the early adopters either...

    People are quick to knock what they don't understand just because they heard someone else do it. You aren't one of those people are ya! ;)
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  7. Oh I understand it well........I've seen those yahoo's thru the showroom many a time......you have a better future with a paper hat and a headset than with an MLM.

  8. I understand your point about the "dream builders" or whatever. Please don't get me wrong, I'm not currently involved in an MLM- but have been in the past.

    Here is something interesting, there is a particular MLM that I joined in 97 that I didn't stick with. There is a guy THAT I KNOW PERSONALLY who started in 01 and now makes $2m per month.

    I'll tell him about the paper hat and a headset thing, but I don't think he'll believe me. ;)
  9. hate to hi-jack this into a MLM thread -
    3 things I have found out - & personal opinion/observation - disagree all you want to (you'll just be wrong ...............heh heh hehhhh)
    (1) the time most people put into this "quick" money idea gives the same $ return as working a regular job - and usually LESS than "really working" !
    (2) the few that, like your friend, really make it - would have ANYWAY in whatever biz they tried -
    (3) a buncha people are gonna get ripped by these, for the most part, outright SCAMS - the "last ones in" are gonna pay & get nothing in return -

    I have YET to see anyone get LEGITIMATELY even CLOSE to wealthy doing this LEGALLY - but I am sure there are SOME out there - somewhere - in the dark - in the night - in the dark- in the night ...

    and the idiot that wants to rent out his car - will probably find an even BIGGER idiot who will pay him !! SAD!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. his website is utterly craptacular.
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  12. I know alot of people in the Dallas/Houston area that made some money with Excel Telecommunications...But for every 1 that makes a buck or two there are thousands below them losing out:(

    Amway was also real big about 12 years ago..I knew several couples that bought all their products from Amway to support themselves but all they did was lose money....If people can succeed with it good for them:) If people lose their azz with a MLM then they need to buck up and get a job:D:D

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