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Earth calling Ralph

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by sportveloce, Nov 3, 2004.

  1. Ralph, Ben has stepped up to the plate with a nice vid of his two babies, now I think its your turn with the SE 30. A car dearly loved by all, I personally want to see more of it. Any pics/vids would be greatly appreciated by the by the Lambo lay-mans...
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  3. Good morning !!

    Thanks. I will take care of this. I will need a little time. I do not have a digital movie camera. I have a friend who has one. We are supposed to take a bunch of pics on Sunday. - I have another new toy car !! We are going to take lots of pics of all of these - weather permitting.

    Thanks for the interest in the SE 30 !!!!!!
  4. Thats great Ralph! I am waiting in eager anticipation. The SE 30 is one of the best Lamborghinis ever produced IMO. It is certainly one of my favorites.

    The color combination you picked is awesome. When I saw you got an SE 30 I expected the purple, but saw you chose a red one! Nice choice. I like red much more than purple (not that there is anything wrong with the purple SE 30s).

    Anyway, can't wait for the pics :)
  5. Yeah Ralph post some pics, so we know you aren't lying ;) :D LMAO

    And no pics of the Z3 please :eek:

    Love ya brotha!

  6. Thanks

    Sorry to let the air out, but I actually wanted the disco purple color. However color is about # 5 on my list when I buy a car. I look for many other important points about the car B4 color. - Personally the more pimpin the Lambo - the better !!!!!! HOORAAAH !!!!!!

    Sunday I will take some pics.

    I am glad you like the SE 30 - The hardcore 2wd Diablo !!!!
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  8. Hi Ryan !!

    I am glad you love me. I am "bi" now !!!!

    No calm yourself down !!! No not that kind of "bi."

    Pics to follow of my new "bi" lifestyle.
  9. I almost fell out of my chair reading that! Glad to hear all is good in the humidity capital of the world, my brotha :D

    Now prove yourself, with Vin #, and todays newspaper, and picture of your naked wife and your lambo :D

    We are waiting :D
  10. In the meantime, hear are some classic Ralph photos of his prized Countach.
  11. Thanks Will !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    For Ryan

    Vin # 12242

    Todays Newspaper. I already bought it.
    (It says something about W winning).

    Now I need to buy a cheap Chinese digital camera.

    Oh well.....

    Ryan. I do sell KY Jelly. $1.05 a tube
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  13. Your forgetting pictures of your beautiful wife next to the car, holding the paper. :D
    I wonder how much KY jelly you had to sell to afford the Lambo :eek: :D So people are out there having sex, so that you can have a lambo. You, sir are a saint! LOL. Helping humanity one at a time. And people say, Texans aren't givers :D
  14. Hey Ralph - What did you get? :)

  15. Hi David:

    How are you doing ?

    1983 512 BBi. A one-owner Califonia Car. Same guy who sold me his Countach. Red/solid tan w/tan dash.

    I know this thread is worthless without pics !!!!!!!

    I have a friend who is shrinking some pics, of it coming off the truck.
  16. We want pics of all of them. Stop teasing us. If you don't want to be banned for a month, hurry up and post pics. :D :D
  17. It is coming !!

    Patience is a Jedi virtue.

    I also offered before to send you some Taka's; to take it easy with me. I can also send the KY jelly in lieu of the Taka's.
  18. Man you just make my day! Thanks Ralphie. I almost fell outta the chair with that one. It will be a big weekend for me starting in about 2.5 hours. Some life changing stuff, hopefully good. Will keep you posted.

    I never get to thank you for your entertaining posts. Keep up the good work. :)

  19. My big sis went to S. Texas ! - Graduated in 1981. I hope everything works out for you.

    My posts do not put you to sleep ? You are too kind.

    You fell out of the chair ? I have been practing for a Jeopardy show appearance for about ten years. I hope to buy another yellow 748 mono with the proceeds !!!! I have to get back to studying for the show.
  20. Lol, the decision is not school related. BUt that is another story. Lets just say, north east. I even bought a awd for the snow :D Good luck on Jeopardy. I know ur too much of a baller to buy it with the proceeds. You sneeze, and 15K comes out of your nose :p

  21. not true. - I look for good deals. - (everybody does that has to "work" for it).
  22. Great Holy Jesus! Ralph your white CT was beautiful!! Do you have interior shots? More pics please................

  23. Thanks Wolfgang.

    I will get it done in a day or two. I do not have the pics in this computer. The interior is tan with the top of the dash in dark choclate brown with tan leather around the dials.
  24. Hey Ralph - Doing well thanks albeit with less sleep since the baby arrived.

    Congrats on the BBi. Thats a gorgeous car.. and a great color combo. May you drive it in the best of health.

  25. Dear David.

    Thank You.

    Mazal Tov on your new baby !!!!

    You can get used to no sleep. You have to move when it is around 3:48AM and you hear some noise. You get used to it. It gets better. Tengo quattro ninos.

    Hope to see you soon.
  26. It is 2:36 PM PST on Sunday. Where are the pics??!! Stop selling the KY, and post pics already! :D Not like you are busy doing anything productive in Houston :eek:
  27. Mmm. I am guessing Ralphie is having too much fun with his newest F-toy...

    That said any SE 30 pics are worth the wait!

    BTW Ralph did you catch the original unrestored 75 LP400 on Ebay? The biddings up to 85k. These early Countachs are going for good money! Good investment? They seem to be going up in price like the Muiras

  28. Sat and Sunday were both solid overcast days.

    I hope next weekend will have nice weather.

    I will check e-bay. The early C/T's are quite rare. There are not many around.

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