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Early Lambo Selling Prices

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by El Wayne, Jul 1, 2004.

  1. I know things like this are difficult to nail down exactly, unless you've recently bought or sold one of these cars yourself, but can anyone give me their best (educated) guess as to where actual selling prices are on the following cars? Assume we're talking about nicely restored examples, a strong 2+ or better on the SCM rating scale:

    1. 350 GT

    2. 400 GT

    3. 400 GT 2+2

    4. Miura P400

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  3. 350gt 55-64
    400gt 53-62

    dont have a clue on the others.
  4. Lamborghini Registry / Cars = Excellent resource

    1. 350 GT = $13,900 US (at a loss of $1,000.00 each)
    2. 400 GT Interim = $14,250
    3. 400 GT 2+2 = $14,750
    4. Miura P400 = $20,000

    As for variations, you will note the Miura link (by way of example) takes you to a "child" page, which links to the variety of Miuras.
  5. Thats not even close on a #2 car.
    CPI value guide 64-66 350gt fair 42800 good 53500 exc 64200
    67-68 400gt 41200 51500 61800
  6. Uh, thanks anyway, but those are the original selling prices. I'm looking for current selling prices.
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  8. Just pulled this off the manheim gold site.

    1965 LAMBORGHINI 350 GT Dsp/HP Eng Fair Good Exc Show Loan
    COUPE (120 mfd) 1964-66 3.5/270 V12 40,000 54,000 75,000 90,000 H 48,000

    Data updated June 2004 .

    1967 LAMBORGHINI 400 GT Dsp/HP Eng Fair Good Exc Show Loan
    COUPE 2+2 (244 mfd) 1966-68 3.9/320 V12 36,000 47,000 63,000 76,000 H 42,000

    Data updated June 2004 .
  9. Thanks. I assume that their reference to the "400gt" is to the more abundant 2+2 model. The "400 GT" on my list referred to the interim models, 2-seater 350 GT bodywork with the more powerful 400 GT motor. They usually bring a premium over the 350 GT and both are more valuable than the later 2+2.

    I've been all over the web and have seen a bunch of price guides, including SCM's, but variances are huge. The few actual cars I've seen for sale all have asking prices of $100K +, not at all in line with most price guides. This is why I brought the question here. Surely someone here has bought, sold, or has personal knowledge of a recent sale of one of these cars, no?
  10. I understand. I dont know of any actual sales to refer to.
  11. Thanks, anyway! And thanks for updating your post with the Manheim info also. That looks a little bit closer to what I'm seeing as far as asking prices.

    Anybody have any info on Miura pricing (non-S/non-SV)?
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  13. Info was just for hysterical porpoises.
  14. Gotcha.
  15. I did not realize how affordable these cars are.
  16. Over the last 2 years, I haven't seen any of these cars fetch less than $60,000 in any auction I've been to. A well sorted red 350 GT went in the 70's at RM Monterey last year. I spoke to the cop who sold it, and he had just driven it up from LA for the auction. I personally thought that this was a pretty fair deal, perhaps even cheap.

    As far as Miura P400s go, I think prices have come up to the $80 -$100K range for rust-free examples with engine overhauls. That's at least what I'd pay for a well sorted example with the right modifications. I'd probably pay $30 to $35K for a ratty one.

    And I don't even want to tell you what I paid for my Miura SV - we're talking over the top money. But I can say I haven't regretted it - it's a great driving experience.
  17. I'm not sure you can find a nice P400 for 100K. (I'm sure you cannot find one for 80). All the Miuras are very hot now.

    I know of a nice P400 restored example that sold for $110,000 to a dealer two years ago. (the restoration was very good (by G. Bobileff) but was like 8 years old). I know it sold two more times since then, both for higher figures. If I had to guess, I'd say a really good P400 is about 130-140K. (which is about the cost of restoring one) Much higher for a very nice S, and double that price for a nice SV. 3 years ago, the picture was much different.

    If you bought your SV two or three years ago, you could not have paid too much, because SV prices have doubled in that time. (I bought one recently and wish I'd been able to purchase one earlier)

    Not sure about the others, but I understand that the values are incredibly different depending on condition. (even more than normal)
  18. Miura's are getting more expensive.
    Below 100.000$, you will not find a very good one with an engine rebuild, I think. In Europe it will be more like 120K Euros. (about 140.000$ ??)

    350GT/400GT will be a little cheaper, here is a very nice one for sale (in germany) :

    And 350GT and 400 pricerange is about the same. 350GT is more interesting because it's the older 9first real lamborghini) and 400GT is more interesting because of bigger engine and better reliability (some old problems are solved).

    Miura SV-prices are going through the roof. In europe the asking prices are sometimes over 300.000 Euros! These cars are nicer and better than the earlier types (engine and gearbox separation is a big plus for reliability), but they are not 180.000 Euros better!! :)
  19. I think your wrong, it is due time for a lamborghin model to reach half a million dollar mark. Alot of SV owners even speculate it may surge higher closer to 1 million. Only a handful of cars were made and i know of 8 off the top of my head that were destroyed.


  20. There are about 150 SV's made, most of them have survived.

    Lamborghini's have never been in Ferrari-priceranges, so I think 300.000 Euros is still reasonable for an SV, but a lot more isn't.

    Personally I believe that the premium for a SV is too high, if a ' normal' Miura is 120K.

    Here another pricelist for Miura's :

    Miura SVJ is really rare and the highest price paid for a perfect car was 300.000 pounds (about 560.000 Dollars) by Nicholas Cage.
    But I'm not surprised to read that Miura SV-owners think (or hope) that their cars will be worth a million dollars in a couple of years. :)
  21. btw : I really hope that P400 Miura's will stay around the 100K range, because I'm saving money for one of these!! :)

    One day....
  22. The SVJ owned by Nicholas Cage was far from perfect. : )

    My dad was the dealer in 1972 and worked with the distributer Modena car here in the US with Alfredo and Alberto. Back then he knew of 5 cars that were destroyed. Alot of cars are not original, and many were wrecked very bad...

  23. Yeah, maybe $100K is wishful thinking on my part for a P400. I guess I should amend my statement to - if I found a well sorted P400 for $100K, I'd buy it immediately.
  24. Thanks to everyone for you responses. I think that a P400, in the condition I would want it in, is a bit out of range. Anyone know of a restored 350GT for sale here in the US?
  25. I didn't know that the Nicholas Cage SVJ wasn't perfect, I saw the car when it featured in an English magazine in an Miura-special and it looked perfect! But maybe Nicholas invested a lot of money in the car after he bought it.

    Back on topic : Miura too expensive in perfect condition?
    Islero is a nice option then and a Jarama is also! These cars are just as great as the more expensive Lamborghini's but offer a lot more value for money!
    Styling is not to everyone's taste, but if you like it they are really nice!

    Here some pictures of a near perfect Islero (great color combination I think) :

    This one is sold, but the seller has another one. (he buys and sells cars all over the world)
  26. 1. 350 GT- Around $45,000-$90,000

    2. 400 GT- Same around $45-89K

    3. 400 GT 2+2- $34,000-$68,000

    4. Miura P400- $45,000-$80,000
  27. Thank you all. In response:

    I've seen this car but it's in nowhere near the condition I'm looking for and is more than fully priced!

    Believe ot or not, I haven't had time to make the drive (over an hour) over to see this one. Besides, as you point out, it's now sold.

    I've been beating myself up on the Islero S thing for a while. I know it's a better car and can be had for less money. I even like the sytyling. It's just that I'm really thirsting for something more "vintage" and I know that I won't be completely satisfied with a car that's this modern.

    Thanks, Harry, but again, too modern (and don't care for the Jarama's styling at all). Also, that dealer's in the Netherlands. Looking for something a little closer to home.

    Thanks, Doug. Those prices look like what I've seen on various websites, but asking prices seem to be much higher. Especially the Miura's. I'm really hoping to find a pristine 350GT or 400GT (2-seater) for $70K-$90K. There just doesn't seem to be too many cars on the market right now (here in the US, anyway).

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