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Early impressions of Gallardo

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by mhh, Mar 3, 2004.

  1. 300km (200miles) so far. Love the e-gear - no problems at all and the high rev changes are incredibly fast (even without using sport). Even auto is fine - but I switch to manual pretty quickly as it is so nice to use.

    Ride is amazing - and handling is totally neutral. Still a long way from finding limits, but beautiful in the curves.

    Quiet enough to tour in it, but more fun to rev. Seats are hard but seem to be the right shape.

    Attracts every car nut on the road to follow you. It is the only Gallardo in town (Adelaide, South Australia) so not surprising. Got to take care when changing lanes as there is always a Subaru WRX in the blind spot. Pedestrians with hearing tend to notice you too!

    Only problem is low front spoiler which makes some streets and car parks no-go zones.

    All in all, very happy with the car.
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  3. Sounds great. I wonder if you could fit air shocks in front that could raise and lower the front end? P uses them on the turbo Cayenne and Ferrari uses them on the Enzo. It might make the car a lot more usable. There are a lot of race shops that might be able to do it without ruining the handling. The TT Cayenne goes from 5.5" to 11.5" Just a thought. I think the Murcie has such a system.
  4. Several other owners of "E" gear Gallardo's have reported the exact opposite of your post. "E" car.s need to be recalled, dangerous to park, hang up at high RPM's, etc. These kind of posts are all over the Internet on the "E" gear version. You must have got real lucky.
  5. Easy fix...accelerate hard THEN change lanes...they'll be a mile behind by then. Nothing like having the first car in a city...happened to me once. My 15 mins of fame...hahaha
  6. Yes, maybe I'm lucky. I drove an e-gear on a race track last November and liked it. Then I read every magazine I could find before I made my choice. Some preferred the manual, some the e-gear. For me (on my car at least) the e-gear is one of the car's best features.
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    I got a chance to drive the Gallardo after stepping out of my 355GTS. It was the first Lambo I have driven after lusting over the Countach, Diablo & Murcie.
    I loved its broad torquey powerband, eye popping brakes and handling. The only thing I didn't like was the clutch and shifter which seemed very "soft" and lacked feel in comparison to the Ferrari's I've driven.
    Then again the salesman that took me out said that Sergio Garcia had been in the car the day before and beat the piss out of it.
  9. I took delivery of my 6-speed Gallardo 3 weeks ago and I am absolutely addicted to it. Its so amazing to drive. I have only put 350 miles on it so far as I live in Michigan and the weather does not allow me to drive it much yet, but as for my first impressions of the Gallardo they are amazing. I am 100% satisfied!

  10. Louis...only 350 miles?? Come on, it has all wheel drive; you'd be impressed how well it handles the snow! Anyway, keep enjoying it!
  11. Ditto here I have 1200 miles on mine now.
    Post some photos of yours!
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  13. Hi Guys,
    don't worry I will rack up the miles. Trust me on that. As for pics, you guys might recall my car. It was the yellow 6 speed that member Kizdan took pictures of and the yellow 360 next to each other. Its the same car that he drove. I am JeffB's brother. Here is that link...


    I didn't remove the plastic inside for these pics as I had just gotten it. Anyway I have 2 tone black and yellow alcantara interior and its sick. I have received many compliments on the interior. I could not have made a better choice for my taste. I almost went with the pearl orange, but I felt that I couldn't trick out my interior as much so I went with yellow. I am considering orange for the Spider. Does anyone have any comments or info on the orange?

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