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Early Diablos price appreciating

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by sportveloce, Apr 5, 2005.

  1. I have noticed that early diablos seem to be going up in price. They are up over 100k now. A year or two ago they were in the 80s. Is this just a figment of my imagination? Are the ebaymotors dealers pushing the price up? Are the Diablos "doing a Muira"?

    A year or so ago I was thinking they were getting close to Countach prices.

    Welcome back AJ! Its been a long time for the resident Diablo messiah to be on leave.
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  3. Thank you. They are definately appreciating. Low 80's to at least 90k for an average car seems to be the rule. I predicted this last year. I said they would "bottom" out around Countach pricing, low 80,s even high 70's and then begin a slow climb. Right for once!!
  4. Not only have they been climbing but for the early Diablo fan it seems like there are alot of super low mile early Diablos out there right now for or around the same price as the other regular market cars. I know of about 4 early cars right now that are between 200 and 5 K miles !
  5. I am very pleased that the cars are starting to appreciate in value. That makes it a worthwhile investment!
  6. The early cars are some of the fastest. The 2WD is over 500lb lighter than the VT models. They are also more rare. Only 40 Diablos were imported in 90,91 and 92 combined. Of the 40 imported, the registry can only account for 18 in US. The OBD1 is conducive to easy engine mods and the engine is fairly simple and straight forward. The drawback is no power steering.
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  8. Frank , all great points. I also dont think the lack of power steering should hurt or effect it in any way. I think the steering in the early cars feels great ! I also like the front bumper on them. Hard to keep from getting beat up but it looks nice on them.
  9. this is the beauty of dialbos, the numbers were very low, in the double digits some years....its no longer being made, it has a mid engine 12cylinder design and wild looks and sounds....exotic interior and doors....the prices have no place to go put up assuming the car in good shape and has reasonable mileage
  10. Thanks for the numbers AJ. I knew something was happening there. Its hard to think of a more joyful potential investment. Makes sense for people to diversify their investment portfolio with a couple of Diablos :) With the Diablos appreciating we are bound to see some more F-owners cross to the dark side!

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