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E-gear Auto mode question

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by clarkster, Feb 2, 2004.

  1. I'm wondering if anyone out there has experience with the Gallardo E-gear in Auto mode.

    Unfortunately, I did not drive the car in Auto mode when I test drove the car, so I have nothing to compare with what I'm experiencing now.

    My experience so far with Auto, is that it is pretty worthless. The shifts are big and lurchy. ANd it just shifts way too early. I'll easily be in 6th gear before I reach 60 miles an hour.

    I'm wondering if this is consistent with anyone elses experience.

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  3. My brief experience in auto mode was just around town yesterday.
    Seemed like an ordinary in town automatic to me. didn't notice
    any diiference in shift points but i'm sure it shifted before I would have as I like to wrap it up a bit.
  4. I have a Maser, not a Gallardo - but the auto mode behaves the exact same way. Except usually I am in 6th by the time I hit 40 mph!
  5. Hey Banana Boat,
    THanks for the note. I'd appreciate it if take notice the next time out and using Automode. I'd appreciate it if you would write back with how it runs.

    Anyone else have experience with the Gallardo auto mode, I'd appreciate your feedback.
  6. The auto mode in Lambos e-gear is actually quite nice. As many of you have said, it does indeed shift a little earlier than I would like, but if it is that important to bring the revs up higher, you might as well be using the paddles. However, the automatic software seems to adjust itself, and recognize when you are driving in a more spirited manner.
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  8. Hey Guys,
    I actually like the automatic mode. I have driven it quite a few times and I found this; if you hold your foot just a little heavier on the accelerator pedal, it shifts very smoothly. It does shift a little bit early, but so does the SMG BMW and the Ferrari stuff. A computer is just not there yet as far as that stuff is concerned. Hope you are both enjoying your cars though as one of you bought your car from my dealership.

  9. I test drove one and the auto mode feels like it came off an A4. It shifts like a crappy auto. Manual is best for having, but I like the e-gear. Auto mode sucks.

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