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Driving a Lamborghini

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by BOSFan, Mar 2, 2005.

  1. Tomorrow I'm calling in sick to work because I'm going to get to drive a Lambo! Just wanted to ask around other owners out there what to expect.

    Any tips to a first time lambo driver? What can I expect and what should I do not to mess it up? What has me nervous the most is that there is still some snow on the ground. I'll try to keep it on the freeway where the roads are clear. Any pointers?
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  3. It is just a car!....don't think about it too much....keep your cool and just be safe. Yes it has lots of power and looks but it behaves just like any other car. The biggest problem I see with most people I take on their first Ferrari or Lamborghini dirve is they get a little TOO worked up about it. Just take your time and get familar with the controls and enjoy the drive!

    Let us know how it goes.


  4. one thought to keep in the back of your mind, "dont break someone else's lambo" :)

    enjoy! what type fo car?
  5. That'd be my biggest fear in driving someonelse's lambo. :eek:
  6. Plan your moves WELL ahead of time! The first and foremost difference between Lambos, Ferraris, etc. and your everyday car is ground clearance. You CANNOT afford to miscalculate speed bumps, potholes, driveways, the entrance to Best Buy, or whatever...at very best, you'll bottom out, making a jarring, resonating "SSSCCRAPE" sound that munches paint and turns every head within 3 square blocks....at worst, you'll be replacing the front air dam. In traffic, signal well in advance and make sure that all surrounding drivers see you -- you'll be slowing to .5 mph to enter parking lots at angle, and there's the ever-present possibility of encountering a sudden, mandatory turn-around, caused by potholes/mud/rocks/construction/whatever.

    After you become comfortable with his car, surprise your friend with your newfound Lambo proficiency via a 5500rpm clutch-drop. This makes for great laughs.
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  8. look twice....or more before you change lane....
  9. I might skip the clutch drop! HAHAHA, you could give an "owner-passenger" a heartattack like that.

    Before driving off, get familiar with the clutch travel. (and try to be extra smooth since its not yours) Know where any switches you need are. Windows, wipers, signals, etc... You dont want to signal and throw a wiper by accident. That will make ya tense in someone else's car. (especially at what these cost!) Mind the car's width if going through sidestreets.

    Same stuff applies for any car really, its just these cars a bit different. Relax, remember to watch around you as best you can, and enjoy it!

    Oh, and mind your speed! Being so low, wide, planted and aerodynamically designed, it doesnt feel like you are going fast. Check your speed!
  10. go out and taunt cops, try and get a ticket, so the owner doesn't think its just the car :)
  11. Release the clutch between 1K and 1.5K rpm. Bring sunglasses to avoid being spotted. Other motorists may act wierd around you. Take the driveways at an angle. Police will often brake their car, for no apparent reason. You may get some cute 18 year old girls to scream and yell half way outside their car window. Don't worry it is the car they are screaming for. - Not your Hollywood looks (unless other 18 year old galz screamed and yelled when you drove your Corolla).

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  13. Hi BOSfan,

    I drove my first Lambo last March and it was a viola SV. I was interested in purchasing a 2WD at the time however held off to get a later VT. The drive was fine and I must admit i was a little nervous.

    I dont think you really need any tips unless you are a bad driver to start off with. I would recommend the owner etc drives it first and takes you out for a little spin, they should obviously tell you the basics such as be easy with the clutch and just use it very softly. I drove the car when there were no cars for a million miles so that helped.

    Before you know the drive will be over and you'll be crying!!!!

    PS. tell us all what kind it is...


  14. Lamborghini Diablo 6.0 - The first 300 miles.

    I purchased my first Lamborghini with ~6250 miles on it. In the first 300 miles of driving, I have found various things that could be explained to benefit a new owner.

    - Don't use the height adjuster. The shocks tend to leak, and using it will cause the leaks because of excess pressure on the seals/gaskets. Knoi doesn't warranty a Lamborghini exclusive product.

    - The windows don't actually go all the way down, they stay "up" about 1".

    - Lifting the door up when going into reverse significantly helps you to park properly if backing into a spot.

    - Clutches will last forever if treated properly. Don't slip the clutch, being that it is either IN or OUT, and NO inbetween. The car requires minimal revs to get it into first.

    - Practice going in 1st gear from stop to rolling without using the gas pedal. This will help you find the friction point on the clutch.

    - Your stereo works just fine, but the quality does indeed suck.

    - Get a radar detector. It *will* save you.

    - The horn is on the side of the steering wheel, not the center. It will scare the snot out of you the first time you hit it by accident.

    - Gas mileage is about 10mpg. The fuel gauge will drop in about 30 miles from half to empty. Not sure if this is a problem with mine or the deal with all of them.

    - Your check engine light coming on is OK, unless it stays on. If it goes out, no big deal. Check www.lamboweb.com for the engine light flash codes to figure out if there is a problem.

    - Seat belts are very picky with retracting. Be gentle with them and they will go back.

    - For the driver, the seat is the most difficult thing to get used to. I found that being 5'11" means that the seat should be pretty close to allow the back of the seat to recline a bit. Otherwise it's a permanant stomach crunch exercise. Strongly recommend any new owners SIT in their Diablo BEFORE they buy it. The 6.0 is the first Lambo to have adjustable seats.

    - Three beeps from the alarm means your car is locked and armed.

    - The windows don't go up and down at the same speed. Make sure yours are actually up all the way.

    - Engine oil pressure should be between 2 and 8 on the gauge. Lower than 2 is super bad, higher than 8 is far excessive.

    - Water temp and Oil temp are usually both at about 80-90 for me, and this is summertime in Sarasota FL.

    - Don't exercise the car too much until oil and water temp are at their normal range. You don't want to exercise the engine much until then, but you can still drive the car.

    - Scraping the nose on a driveway won't kill the car. Bet you already have scratches under the nose you didn't know about!

    - Most speed bumps still do NOT require the use of the height adjuster. Still safer to look, but in general this is the case.

    - Driving it in the rain IS fun, but you'll want the a/c system on defrost the entire time with the fan on to keep the fog off of the window.

    - You can do 0-60 in first gear. It's fun.

    - The hood will require that you push it close once it's lowered, otherwise it isn't closed all the way. Rain will get inside the hood from time to time. (Remember, the hood is your trunk space, not the engine)

    - Disconnect the battery when you don't use the 6.0 for a while. The computers are usually doing something even with the engine off, and this will drain the battery. The battery disconnect is a dial in the engine compartment.

    - Don't get bigger rims or bigger tires. On the 6.0, since it is AWD, you will need a new differential because the size changed. Strongly not recommended.

    - Ask a message board for help, we're here to do just that!

  15. Whoa! Can't get more informative. Great post!
  16. If the car you are test driving is a Murcielago - watch those rocker panels!!! They stick out alot more than you think...And as always go up/down driveways at an angle. :) Have fun!!
  17. Thanks all for the responses. I've been keeping quiet to see what you guys have to say. Very useful info.

    There was a delay and I'll be driving it this weekend sometime. A murcie and a gallardo. Both are 6spd cars. I'll be driving in Boston so the roads and conditions are going to be very crappy. My biggest fear is also breaking someone elses car. I can't afford to buy a wheel on the thing and it was my begging that got me to this. I'd hate for him to have his car damaged because of me.

    I'm sure he'll explain height adjustors and things like that before we go off on a ride. I was more worried about things like visibility, how the clutch feels and stuff like that. I CAN"T WAIT!!!

    Thank you all again, I'll definitely keep you guys posted on what happens.
  18. Good luck with the drives. You'll be hooked soon as you hit the gas pedal. =)

  19. dont roast the clutch! its almost 10k for the murci!
  20. have fun

    there's no lookin back
    you'll be hooked

    Boston !
    holy crap
    been there on biz once
    worst drivin' bastid's aholes in the country :)
    they drive more orderly in Malaysia for crying out loud
  21. 10k for a clutch?!! OMG, that's more than my truck.

    I'm so excited. I won't be able to sleep until the day comes!

    If you think the drivers are bad here in Boston, our roads are even worst. THey never fix potholes and some of them are big enough to put an entire wheel in. They are also deep enough to beat up any car even non exotics.

  22. Fast or slow you'll enjoy it...just look out for cops.

    enjoy every moment, take lots of photos...

    Eventhough it's been 10 years since I first drove my Diable, I still remember it to this day....what a great day.
  23. Wow! You can't change wheels on a VT 6.0 car? Really? Not even HRE's? I wonder why, assuming I keep the O.D.s identical.
  24. OK lets take a bet, either, BOS fan posts fanatical about driving a lambo the following day. 10 days later he has nothing to say.

    here are some of the possible scenario's:

    1. In Jail.
    2. Crashed the car, and is hiding.
    3. Owner was Michael Jackson and BOSfan is now captive in a secret room of the neverland ranch until the end of the trial.
    4. He never stopped and is currently making his way to the border.

    any other scenario's coming to mind?
  25. 5. Got so many phone numbers that he's too busy to type on a computer.
    6. Gripped the steering wheel so tight that they still can't pry his fingers off.
    7. Boston fans mistook him for a Yankee player.
    8. Tried the 5000 RPM clutch drop and fried the clutch thereby sentencing himself to indentured servitude until it's paid for.


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