Don't flame me: Lambo breakdowns at Scuderia Rampage? | LamborghiniChat

Don't flame me: Lambo breakdowns at Scuderia Rampage?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Rob Lay, Apr 25, 2005.

  1. Just heard 2nd hand that several (more than a couple) of the Lamborghinis at Scuderia Rampage were having mechanical problems at the track? :confused:

    Just to prove I'm not trying to start trouble, one of my race mechanics has broken 2 different 360's in a row testing on track.
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  3. Hard to blame the Roadster for the breakdown. It was at the track, being run hard...with only 300 miles on it......

    The Gallardo, from what I understand just needed to have something tightened, then he was back out running well.
  4. Everything brakes down at one point or another.
  5. I can attest that there were no problems at all with the Lamborghinis that ran on track at last year's Le Belle Macchine d'Italia and Pocono is by far the fastest track in the country.

    The only thing that was worn out was a couple of sets of tires from 2 days of constant high speed driving at the hands of Lamborghini's Factory Test Driver Valentino Balboni.

    BTW he will be doing it again this year from June 24 - 27

  6. I attended a track day last year with 19 Lambos. Not one single problem. The following week was the Ferrari track day, and there were 2 mechanical failures, and 1 crash. Does that mean Lambos are more reliable than Ferrari's, or that they handle better than Ferrari's on the track? Probably not. Hey, when you drive a street car at the track (whether it's a Ferrari, Lambo, Porsche, Vette, etc, etc), you are going to have problems if you run the car hard enough for an extended period.
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  8. What track are they at? Also, when you say mechanical I'm assuming you're referring to engine drivetrain and not suspension.
  9. Every Lambo I've owned has performed perfectly at the track, and not one of them has ever let me down, EVER ! - the same CANNOT be said for every F car that I've owned, as without exception they all suffered some form of mechanical failure during track days. Speak as I find, no axes to grind.
  10. The e-gear was acting up on the yellow roadster; the 6.0 was also having some problems Sunday afternoon although we didn't know what - we push started it and it got back to the Paris ok. ZR will have to look at it later. I didn't hear about the Gallardo problems.

    That said, I am even more on the Dark Side of the Force after this weekend: 2hrs+ in the 6.0 and 6 hours in the Murci and I am hot for Lambos now. Not to say I won't get a Ferrari first, but I need a 6.0!

    I will agree though that the Murci is more comfortable and refined with a much more linear power delivery - but for raw grunt the Diablo seemed to have more of that "throw you back into the seat" delivery. This isn't to say that the Murci didn't have awe-inspiring acceleration, but it almost made it feel too easy. :) Heck, if I could, I'd have one of each!!
  11. You're right as rain on this one, Rob. Luigi's and Ralphs's tractors are ALWAYS broken! Like the lady said, "There's always sumthang!"

    Dr "I don't drive no tractor" Who :)
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  13. Overall, i think the lambos were much more impressive than the f-cars there. Don't get me wrong i love the f-40's that showed the enzo was amazing as always but the 360's are just too plain for my taste. I was also pissed that the enzo drive left it parked the whole weekend. It would have been nice if he came out and at least said hi, or maybe i don't know started it, opened a door, turned a turning signal on, anything....

  14. Seems a bit hard to believe that EVERY Ferrari let you down, with NEVER a problem from Lambo. No axe to grind? Puh-leese.

  15. You just can't stand it can you?
  16. I could stand it if I could believe it, but I don't. I've tracked a lot of street machines, as well as race cars, and my Modena is as solid and reliable at the track as anything I've driven.

  17. I think it is without question that all Lamborghini models are more exotic than most Ferraris. The exception being the supercars.

    The Enzo seemed parked most of the weekend, but it was at the track Saturday (I think, unless I was just remembering the black 430).

    Like I said, the Lamborghinis are more exotic, but as Jennie and I watched the yellow 360 and yellow Murci pull out together on the track side by side we much prefer the smooth lines of the Ferrari. I haven't been a fan of many late model cars now with the sharp edges. My favorite Lamborghinis are the Diablo and Miura.
  18. Well, there was the one yellow Murci (of 3 yellow coupes and 2 others!) that slid off the track in a cloud of dust, came back in tact without damage and then went back out for more.

  19. Dale:

    We all know you want to join the club and step up !
  20. We spent a day jumping / pushing a Mondail around just to get to the track. The problem was the altenator - Which I believe is a Cadillac part - Damn Americans!

    See my signature - This is what one of the bike riders said to us as we stood by the side of the road for hours....

    Was good to see you again Rob - They did have some nice Diablos there this weekend. I also dug the Countach. :)

  21. That was the 430, the Enzo never moved as far as I could tell -- but I don't think the owner was at the SR.

    I'm a Ferrari guy, but I really want one of those Jalpas now. Finally got the chance to see one in person, and it's great.

    EDIT: Jerry, I didn't know you were there! Sorry I missed you.
  22. Hi Tillman - Same here!!! Hope to meet you another time.
  23. The black Ferrari 575 broke too. I think. Kept squeeling tires and once it even spun out.

    What would cause that?
  24. Racing an Elise!
  25. :D ROFLMAO

  26. What do you expect from a lambo guy. One of the murcielagos was overheating as well. He was from San Diego. This can be verified.
    I find it fascinating that this person choose to take a side. Whereas there was much of team spirit the whole weekend. ...........Regardless I appreciate both. It was a great F1 race this weekend....Nice to see Ferrari on the podium. Get the point.....


  27. Didn't want to go into it but i figured the problem witht he blue murci was that he was just low on coolant, seemed like the symptoms he was having and could be possible with a new car prepped poorly?

    for the record the "check engine" light in our 360 only stopped coming on when the bulb finally burnt out. 44,000 miles of non-track use :)
  28. Well said, can`t agree more!

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