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dollar for the dollar the worlds best super car

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by scycle2020, Jun 5, 2004.

  1. with apologies to the f40 ,f50 , enzo, slr, and the carrera gt, isnt the murci easily the worlds best supercar, dollar for dollar? for 225-250k you can get a practically new supercar with 580hp, wild looks and everyday drivability...while all the above mentioned cars are wonderful cars in their own way, they are much more expensive and with either the less or not much more performance....granted, some of the f cars are true collectors and become more of a investment
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  3. I agree nothins better than a lambo.
  4. Good thing you posted this here .LOL.Someone will tell you its the Ford GT.Not me of course,just someone.Someone else will tell you the Murci isnt a Supercar.Not me of course,but someone.What is a Supercar?My definition is over 200mph,blinding accelleration,braking beyond extreme,the ability to turn a real fast lap,and exotic looks.What am I missing?Maybe the Zonda should be on the list.
  5. Isn't the Carrera GT had the same v10 as the gallardo? After all they are all owned by Audi. Would Audi go through the trouble and money designing 2 different v10?
  6. Porsche does not belong to Audi or the VW group, 50% of the shares belong to the Piech and Porsche families, but this has nothing to do with the VW group (to which Audi, VW, Skoda, Seat and Bentley belong).

    The Gallardo's V10 has a 90deg angle while the Carrera GT's is much narrower at 68deg. Definitely not the same engines, and no reason for them to be.
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  8. I don't know if this will be rec'd in a bad way, 6.0 said GT40, I agree to a point, but there are some really great turnkey options from Ultima, and being more closely related to track cars, or hypercars. Now granted they are a 'component car' but that is not really a cop out because for the most part, a 600hp bowtie block is the most common option to roll of the assembly line as stock. All for 100-160k.
  9. I dont think the GT40 is a supercar.The other factor is exclusitivity,either because of price,or production.The GT will have the same motor in it that the Lightning will pop in next year.That just cant be a Supercar.I think its a short list.
  10. i agree that the gt ford is not a supercar.... i suspect when the production gts come out that the murci will easily beat it in the interior of the g t looks ugly to me...and you cant compair an exotic italian 12 to an american supercharged v8
  11. I love the F-50's styling over my Diablo but at similar performance numbers the deal lies with the Diablo IMO. The F-50 is my dream car but near $700K is that good value even considering the very low production numbers of the F-50. The 6.0 wasn't exactly mass produced.
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  13. 700k? Last time I checked the F50's were available for around 400k euro...
  14. My numbers are USA and from Cavalinno's Ferrari market. (reports monthly)
  15. What exactly makes a sports car a supercar, and how is the "best" supercar defined.
    I think these are the questions one has to ask himself...thus making any car only one's favourite, and not universally perfect ... JMHO

    Very honestly, the Murci is't my favourite. Top 10 for sure, but definitely not #1.
  16. Sycle's original post was dollar for dollar.He is having a problem,as many do,including myself,with how much more do you pay for a tad more performance.If the exotic looks are there,and the numbers are close,and the car is exclusive,why pay 1m,or 500k,or 400k.It all comes down to what floats your boat,and how much you are willing to spend.
  17. Amen to that!!! I could get a few Murcis for the price of an Enzo or even an F-50. I will tell you, the Murci is hard to beat for daily driver performance, looks, and reliability.
  18. thanks, took the word ou t of mouth...cant beat the murcis exotic bang for the buck.... or the late model diablos also....diablo vs thats a tough choice!!! do i see another thread coming??????
  19. Sorry, umm look at the stats, I believe as it is 'eating italian' it qualifies as a super car, go by stats, not by production numbers or where else the motor shows up.

    ofcourse when i kicks your ass, you are gonna say 'oh, but it is not a super car' then you will look really dumb.
  20. price wise? Ultima GTR ?

  21. N0

    Turbo Hayabusa.... Hands down.

    It's over.

  22. your two wheels short of a car
  23. Actually the can-am has a higher top speed than the GTR because of wind resistance. I mentioned it once before, no responses.
  24. when you "kicks my ass"?..who is one one who looks dumb?,

  25. Huh? Why can't you compare the two? Because you could replace the entire drivetrain in the Ford for the cost of a clutch and belt change in the Lambo? The Murci is my favorite next to the F40, but to say the GT doesn't even compare is not sensible. Those of us who have to wait for sub 100k cars are waiting for the GT to fall like the ZR-1 did. I'm waiting for the 360 or the GT to fall just below 100k then I will buy.
  26. LOL.Its a good point Jason.I have no problem with the #'s of the GT,which are dazzling.I have a problem with Ford digging up the grave to sell the cars,instead of a new design.I just have trouble buying into that whole thing that they are doing,and then to announce that the coming Lightning will have the GT motor.That kind of kills the exclusitivity thing.However,I would buy one,not for 225,not for 150,but 100k is the number that appeals to me for that car.And I too will get one when they get down there.I put the GT in the category of Porche turbo,Viper,Lotus esprit,not bad company at all,but its just not a 150-225k car.
  27. Hate to provoke, but for $=performance, the Corvette Z06. Of course, you may say its cheap, its plasticy,it not exotic enough, etc. but in terms of balls out performance for the money it does, for 50k, 85-90% of what the 200k plus cars do. I'd also put the GT-2 on the shortlist, but then, i'm biased.(And, i don't think its nearly as good a deal, "dollar for dollar" as the corvette).
  28. Mosler MT900sOB.........:)

    If all goes according to plan it will be in a comparison test (ala: Supercar Challenge)with Car and Driver and will DECIMATE all comers. Imagine the Mosler MT900s with an "optional blower".

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