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Does Your Diablo have VIN on Window?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by FL 355, Jan 19, 2005.

  1. My car hs the Vin etched into the glass of all windows...just wondering if that's stock or previous owner did it? I also found a little credit card with the vin with paperwork in Italian...?

    You too?
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  3. I think its more of a security measure by the previous owner... Car rental agencies etch the vin of each car into its windows.
  4. If it was a Florida car previously it probably was this:

    My previous 328 was a FL car, had the numbers etched in all glass & rims
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    If this is the credit card you are refering to, it's for the alarm system, supposed to be kept in wallet, instructing you how to disarm system in case you lose your remote
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    Not VIN Tech... All windows etched and the credit car looking template says "Personal Car", then the rest of it and the attached govt form is all in Italian..done in Italy

    Its a US car - not Euro... This is the card / template....
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  8. As I mentioned in another thread, this is a very interesting car.

    It was first owned by the pres of Ford Motor Co. It's very light also because it has missing side impact rails. In 92 Lambo removed them on some cars.

    I'm trying to research as much history as I can to document everything on it.

    Mike Kimberly and the shreder is starting to get on my nerves... lol.
  9. We're not talking about a lot of weight with these door "beams". In my Testarossa they consist of a piece of steel about the diameter of a broom handle and about 2' long. Doubt they weigh more than 5 or 6 pounds each...

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