Does Anyone Know Why The 2001 Lamborghini Diablo's Are Not As Expensive As Expected?? | LamborghiniChat

Does Anyone Know Why The 2001 Lamborghini Diablo's Are Not As Expensive As Expected??

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by DodgeViper01, May 17, 2004.

  1. Hello everyone:

    I was looking at a few 2001 Diablo's and was wondering why they are not that expensive (comapared to the $275K sticker). The ones I am looking at are running between $150,000 and $170,000. I was also looking at a few SV's and they were only a few thousand cheeper on average (around $145K - $165K). Can anyone explain. Are there things wrong with the 2001? Is it just because of the shape change? I would like to get a orange or black 2001. LOVE THEM!

    Any help would be great.



    P.S Were 2000 Lambo's VERY low in production numbers?
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  3. If anyone can answer this question, I'd be all ears. The reason I made my 01 Diablo purchase 10 days ago was simple. It was a red car, fully documented 2300 miles with regular maintence, absolutely no paint work,two sets of rims, beautiful carbon fiber exhibited throughout the car, and supercar numbers! I believe only 260 2000 and 2001's made world wide with approximately 130 to the USA. I had two Lamborghini dealers tell me to buy the Diablo over the Murcielago (they had used Diablo's and would have to ordered a Murcielago). I drove the Gallardo and Murcielago and really liked them both but preferred the room in the Murcielago. With a car 3 months older than my 360 and $130K higher in sticker than the Ferrari, perhaps the deals are in the Diablo's! Two Lamborghini dealers couldn't explain the differences between the Murcie and Diablo. The experts here were my resource. I really preferred the body style of the Diablo over the Murcielago.
  4. No 2000's came to the U.S.Dont think they made any.You can get S.V.'s in the 125-150 range.I shopped for one for quite a while,and found some excellent deals.I would be very concerned about the 6.0's at 150-155.I know a couple,and there are issues.It would be difficult to find a "nice one "for under 160,I think.I will be glad to give you some leads if you like. A.J.
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  6. The only reason I can think of is that due to the very high msrp the people that buy them new are not as concerned about resale when they want something new. A new car in the 100's is a different market where many people that aren't necessarily loaded make the stretch to buy their dream car and not as willing to take as much of a bath when unloading.
  7. Hey Dave.It was one of those xtra long production runs,and none were actually called 2000's,even though they came out when you would have expected them to be 2000's.Lambo did this in 89 also,as the countach was actually an 89,but was sold during 90.There was officially no 90 .The millinium roadsters were all badged as 99's,even though they were sold in 2000.Where did you get the 130 to the U.S. by the way?I havent seen the number that high,Just curious.

    P.S. I was told that there were european 6.0's that were tagged as 2000's,but I have never seen one for sale.
  8. yeah i was always under the impression the mellenium metallico's were 2000 model cars. Another reason for the lower prices on the diablo's could be due to the fact you can buy a gallardo for the same price with a warranty? (just a thought)

    Keith you must be doing something right to be looking for a diablo already. I bet if I had your $, I could go ahead and burn mine.
  9. I am not in the market yet but I am thinking about a Diablo over the Ferrari first as the next car. The Diablo just looks like more of a car over the 355 or 360. I am not getting it for the "show-off" factor but they are two totally different cars. I mean when I think of spending $175K for a car and look at the 360 and the Diablo the Diablo seems to be winning hands down.
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  11. Thanks for the clarification. As you can tell I'm in the learning stages of Lambo stats. I can tell you more about F cars than L cars. My salesman from Fox Valley told me he thought roughly 50% made it into the USA. I'd like to know from a more reliable source.
  12. Thats high.All of the actual numbers that I got from the factory in emails indicated the 33%-35% range,which has held true since 91.The number I have seen a few times is 88 on the 6.0.
  13. You are totally right on this one. I can't believe how I've taken a preference to my Diablo since purchase approx. 2 weeks ago. I have driven the 360 once but still enjoyed it. The "show-off" factor was NOT an issue for me. It's the closest thing to my Formula Atlantic in street trim power, acceleration and cornering etc. that I've driven besides the Murcielago and Gallardo. There is nothing else like V-12 power and torque. I used to question and wonder what all the fuss was over the V-12's and now I know.
  14. Congrats on your new toy. Glad to hear you LOVE it. I can not wait for that day.

  15. Dave. You may want to talk with Jim Kaminsky. He is the president of
    the Lamborghini Owners Club of America. He has a wealth of infomation
    on all of these cars. It is worth the few pennies to become a member.
    He is very helpful in providing any detailed information you might need.
  16. the diablo is relative bargin... esp with its small numbers.... i suspect if it was a ferrari diablo wiht the samew production numbers and power they would be going for above list price!!!!!

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