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Do you take long trips in your lambo?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by dmcgill, Aug 13, 2004.

  1. Was just wondering if you Lambo owners take your Diablo's, Murcielago's, and Gallardo's on long trips. If so, whats the furthest you have traveled with it? I would love to know exactly how reliable these machines are. thanks.

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  3. Doug, I have tried to give details on this. They are very reliable. Are you looking for someone else to say they are not? lol. Dont know what else I can say after 8 Diablos and lots of miles. They are not Mustangs, or Acura's, but they are pretty good.
  4. I'll go anywhere any distance in mine. Only concern is luggage space. If I have a lot of crap to lug around, I'll take a SUV.

    You see every city trash trailer punk driving in a beatup smoking leaking overheating hoopdie and they drive anywhere. Why can't we drive our $300k exotics anywhere we want too? We can! We can!

  5. LOL!
  6. I drive my CT so much its almost a daily driver. longest trip was NC-
    NH and back. Driven to the NC mtns countless times.
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  8. One word for you is YES! Last night I was with a good friend of mine and we put almost 400 miles on the Gallardo. Point was to break the car in. These cars were meant to be driven so that is what I like to do. I mean personally, I think that if you spend that much on a car, you should drive it. I really can not stand when people buy nice cars and only drive them on Sundays or one in a blue moon. Enjoy the car. That is what you got it for!
  9. A-men!
  10. No, i knew they were pretty reliable, just looking to see if they are capable of handling long trips...probably a stupid question, sorry. thanks for the input though.

  11. I didn't think it was a stupid question. I was planning on asking that question myself once I got my lambos ordered. I was planning on flying my brother up here and then driving to both cars to Texas. I'm still debating on whether to order the Murcie in hard or soft top.
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  13. So you ordered two Lambo's? One Murcie (hard top...wink), whats the other?

  14. Haven't quite ordered them...yet. I'm getting a G and a Murcie. You think I should get the hard top eh? I was thinking the same, but everytime I see the roadster, I reconsider myself. I definitely like the roadsters wheels. Both will be blue with black and blue leather interior. My wife really liked the G that we test drove, and I would've bought it at the dealership right then and there, but it wasn't the way I wanted my Lambos to be. I'm also still waiting for our unfinish to get done.
  15. You were planning on asking if they could be driven on long trips, after you ordered your 2 Lambo's? Have you had exotic cars before?
  16. Not cars, yes. I owned a '96 Porsche 911 in Germany, that's the closest to exotic I've ever owned. I also had a friend who let me borrow his '98 F355 on weekends, so I have at least driven an exotic besides on a test drive. That's the extent of my exotic travels. I'm buying these cars because I can afford them, want them, and have a great passion for cars. These type of cars aren't necessarily my choice for a mode of transportation over a long distance, that's why I have a Navigator (My wife and daughter will fly to TX). Nothing is set in stone yet, just making early plans. This will probably be a one (maybe two) time thing, just some brother bonding, plus he loves these cars but can't afford them.
  17. there is a murcielargo with nevada plates in vancouver bc. not sure about reliability.
  18. I'm sure you can get the roadster wheels on the murcielago.what do you mean by "it wasn't the way i wanted my Lambo's to be...".

  19. The G we test drove was yellow (nothing against yellow) and e-gear'd. Don't get me wrong, it was nice, just not what I wanted.
  20. oh i totally understand. i prefer the 6-speed myself, which did you order?
  21. Me and my Fiance drove his 03' Murcielago about 3,500 miles in one week in June for the Players Run. We went from NY to LA. The car was perfect. No problems at all. We had 2 smaller size suitcases and 2 carry-on type pieces of luggage. 3 fit in the boot and one was on the floor on the pass. side. Our 2 suitcases fit perfectly in the boot, the other bag was kinda smashed in there! :)
  22. In May we are doing the Gumball Rally (3,000 miles) with this as a route:

    London - Brussels - Prague - Vienna - Budapest -Dubrovnik - Bari - Taormina - Palermo - Rome - Monaco

    Got to get back to the UK from Monaco as well, but might opt for a transporter.

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