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Didie Peroni Lamborghini Offshore Race engine

Discussion in 'Parts, Accessories, and Collectibles' started by F456M, May 20, 2020.

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    Hi guys.

    This is a very very unique opportunity to aquire the coolest garage or office art possible. This is one of the two original fuel injected race engines that were in the European U.I.M Class 1 (also called Offshore 1) race boat «Colibri» of Didie Peroni, which flipped in a race outside Monaco in the early 90-ies, causing a fatal accident that put an end to the life of world champion Peroni.

    Used for display purpouse for many years. It was in service and running after the accident until the boat was taken out of racing some time later.

    This is a homologated 8,2 liter «big block» Lambo V12 (about 50% larger on the outside than a Countach engine).

    Sold with the engine stand with the wheels as seen in these pictures. Also has original stainless steel Italian exhaust headers.

    This is a piece of European boat racing history that is impossible to find anywhere else!

    Please call or text me on +47 97776672 If you have serious interest in this engine.

    Erik Eriksen
    Play Marine International AB
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    Can you post a picture of the engine stamping showing what number engine this is.
    Price also ?
  3. F456M

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    Yes I can, but I need to get to it first. I am out of the country at the moment. Price is 25.000 euro.
  4. masermad

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    Interesting engine. Didier Pironi died after Colibri hit the wash from a tanker off the Isle of White UK 23 August 1987. Colibri was at the Museum De Automobile at Loheac France. The rival boat Pinot di Pinot of Stefano Casiraghi accident was 4 October 1990 off Frejus.
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  5. F456M

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    Thank you. Yes I have mixed these two accidents. Sorry for that.
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