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diablos interrior

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Frozenguy, Oct 18, 2004.

  1. i have been looking at TONS of pictures of lamborghini diablos..mainly the 6.0's.. its really bad because i cant sleep at night..all i think about is my diablo..or my 360..or if i should try and go for the 430.. or my TR, Countach, 575, Saleen S7.. V12 Vanquish...anyways.. with the diablo, i see lots and lots of buttons which excite me.. what are all the buttons for? what kind of little options, mechanisms can i look forward to when i sit in my first diablo? like, what are those arrow buttons with the lighted numbers just to the right of the stick shift i see in these 6.0s?
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  3. The 1-5 lights on the switch near the gear shift are suspension settings with a manual overide to be able to select 1-5 individually. ANother switch operates the brightness of the instrument cluster, gas door unlock, andother functions that I rearly use. As you already know the carbon fiber is simply stunning!!
  4. Looks like you have quite a collection of exotics Dave ;)

    Given you have my favorite color VT handy would it be possible to post some pics?

    Also any pics of the "gadget buttons" would be great.
  5. Another button is the front shock raising and lowering feature for driveways and speedbumps.
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