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Diablo Wedding (Houston)

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by ralfabco, Apr 2, 2005.

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  3. Hey Ralph!

    Beautiful bride. Nice smile. Love the Lambos! Gotta spill the story, can't just post pics, brotha man!

    Also whats the special sticker on your front bumper? :p

    And where is Julietta's number? Taking showers alone sux!

    Thats Luigi's blue isn't it? Fabulous car.

    Nice silver, but uh who buys a silver lambo? (no offense meant) :(

  4. Ryan:

    The gal was taking pics at the San Jacinto Monument. She wanted pics with just Lamborghinis. Even the C.S., and 430 bored the girl to sleep.

    Special sticker ? That is used like a napkin, when one eats buffalo wings. The sticker/napkin on my Diablo keeps her clean, after she eat RE's.

    Julietta ? She is married. Of course MX love to fool around. However I am already in trouble for buying another toy.

    Luigi ? Yes that is one of his rides.

    Silver L - Car ? Whatever floats your boat. He is a "young" plastic surgeon.

  5. Ah ok makes sense. Pretty girl, and has some brains. The 430 is as ugly as they come. Not as bad as the enzo, but certainly up there.

    LOL on the special sticker. :D

    Married women are ok. I gotta quick story, will email/PM it to you. :) You will like it ;)

    Saw your other toy. Beautiful and congrats. Maybe one day we can finally get the pic of the F car and the 2 lambos together. I will be in NYC this July 4th meeting up with the EC. This summer (like last summer again when we were talking) I will be in Houston again. Haven't figured out dates. Will touch base with you, and hopefully get to see the toys in person. I mean the cars, not Julietta's toys!!! :eek: :eek: That I will take care of on my own ;)

    The silver is nice, just not my cup of tea. You know how we roll, M&M colors, gold chains, and strippers ;) :D

    Have a good weekend, Ralph. :)
  6. More pics or ban :) (especially of the F430!!)
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  8. Ralph, what happed to your front bumper? Who's driveway got clobbered?

    btw It's a nice day for a white wedding...
  9. Is the Diablo Monterey blue or is it another blue? It's a very beautiful color. Any more pics from that meet?
  10. Very nice collection of Diablo's. Thanks for posting them!!
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