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Diablo VT Roadster Pricing?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Motoracer, Apr 16, 2005.

  1. Many of you saw my last post about my Father looking into a Murcielago, and then a Gallardo. We are most worried about the hit he is going to take when he sells the car eventually. So I want to give him an idea on Diablo's to see if he may possibly be interested in them.

    I personally LOVE the VT Roadster's. What are 1998, or 1999's going for right now? What year where they made until, and where can I locate a blue one?

    Thank you.

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  3. a clean history, all serviced, low mile, no story, great condition 98VT roadster will run you from 155 to 160.... add another 10 to 15 for 99VT....the millenium edition will probably run closer to 190+.

    others here are much more knowledgeable than your truly so pls feel free to chimp in....
  4. I am 90% sure that motorcars-intl. had their 99 Millenium Roadster listed for $214k.

    EDIT. just checked motorcars internationals website, its now 100% sure that their Millenium was $214k.
  5. I have a 99 vt roadster 20xxx mile with about $17,000.00 in up grades, with all books all service done, by dealer I in the othere hand want a Murci roadster which a plan to keep for a very long time so I do not care if I take the hit , which I know it will be at least a $50, to $75, in a years time I plan to give this car to my son when I can no longer drive it, and think I still have 30 good years . I will be selling my car the price is $175, firm not a penny less. This car has full history, with no BS . in case you interested just send me a thread.

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