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Diablo VT accident

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by wax, Jun 14, 2004.

  1. No pics. Yellow VT on flatbed at 6141 Hollywood in Hollywood - Orange County Lic. Plate frame. Spun & hit all 4 corners. Bloody handprint smeared on driver's side.

    Hope the driver did not suffer major injuries.
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  3. Sorry to hear that :( I hope the driver wasn't hurt ( I also hope he wasn't doing anything stupid).
  4. Hi Tom.
    I got the pix of that yellow VT - I was told that this car was rented by a 23 Y.O kid who drove it 3 miles before he managed to wreck it.....3 MILES ! ! ! !
    I cant post the pix yet.....but if you like to see them please send me your email address via a PM.

  5. You are a wrecked photo maven! Saw it in person all the way around - still ingrained on the ol' memory, so I'll wait until you post them on your site to reminisce...

    However, one thing I didn't mention - at the same shop was a still-warm blue 360 Modena which was in for the 4th time in 3 months, tops. It was indicated that the Modena's 3 prior visits had 8, 12, 8 Thousand dollars of damage respectively. This time it had a 1' x 2' section on the right front shredded off and a few dings here, there and everywhere.
    Some people...

    Most importantly, thanks for the offer.
  6. don't you have to be at least 24 to rent a car?
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  8. Everybody has their own rules. It's not some Federal law or anything.
  9. I was told that this yellow VT was rented at a Beverly Hills car rental service - BTW, its a ROADSTER!
    Was it a ROADSTER you saw Tom??????
  10. Here is pic #1 of 4 - the VT have damages on all four sides! (but this is the worst)
  11. Makes me sick to see art in this form.
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  13. i would be happy to RIDE in a nice Lambo, what kind of idiot rents one of these and kills it in 3 freaking miles!!!! @#$%@#54^#$^^&%^# !!!! :(
  15. I think it's great some dink wrecked his Lamborghini. If it's his fault, great! Makes mine more rare. :)

  17. Ouch! If that's the same one from Beverly Hills Rent a Car I saw that thing last month when I was there. Ashamed, looked wonderful sitting there waiting to be rented.

  18. What amazes me is that these rental places have Lamborghinis to rent. Just the clutch abuse from one person in 10 miles can be something they won't know about for a year to come. It's shocking that they allow it.

  19. How much does it cost to rent a car like this in the US anyway????
    (or a Ferrari)
  20. Its a little harder finding a place that rents Lamborghini's. Beverly Hills does indeed have a rental dealer, and the cost to rent the Diablo Roadster was close to $2,000 a day. To rent a Ferrari, say 348 or 355 it costs from about $700-$750 a day. To rent a 360 Modena or Spider, it costs either $1,200- $1,500 a day. Pretty large numbers so you can enjoy a car for 24 hours! I would obviously do it in a heartbeat if i was old enough....i have to get my parents permission first to blow my savings on driving a Ferrari for 1 day....
  21. [i have to get my parents permission first to blow my savings on driving a Ferrari for 1 day....[/QUOTE]

    LOOOOOOOOOOOL - thats a good one..:)
    I can only imagine your father saying: ".....sure son,...but only if you take out the garbage every day and do the lawn twice a week until your 120 years old.....other than that I cant see any problems why you shouldnt blow your savings on a one day ride"....he then turns away from you and mumling...."bonehead" :)

    Anyway, Thanx for the info Doug - 2000 bucz for one day??? not in a million years!
    PS:did you get the pix of the Diablo?
  22. why not save up some more and spend the money on an every day ride :D
  23. Diablos will rent for as much as $5k a day from what I was told...But I suppose maybe you can haggle them down?
  24. A 97 roadster goes for around $1500-1700 a day in Honolulu.
  25. who rents a diablo for 5k when you can buy a 91 diablo for as low as around 40 thousand us dollars .
  26. I saw that car for rent in BH. It was a 99 roadster.
    P.S. where can you get a 91 Diablo for 40K?

    There is a 97 Scurro roadster for rent in Santa Monica. I think its 1600 a day and $10 a mile
  27. Im with Ben on the less cars the better idea!
    As long as he wasnt hurt.
  28. No, closer to $100k.

    Renting a Diablo is still cheaper than salmon fishing in Iceland though!

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