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Diablo Vrs. TR Fact Or Fiction

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Wildwarrior, Apr 17, 2004.

  1. Let me just start by saying it is easy to get caught up in all of the myths and misinformation surrounding these 2 marguis.Much of what we hear is not from owners but is from dreamers, that is ok ,however it is not fact.

    As a car enthusiast, I purchaced my 512TR first of all because I could, and second because she is probably one of the most beautiful cars I have ever seen.She is well built ,quick and very easy to drive any where.On the down side she is very uncomfotable to drive for more than an hr or so , cabin is just to small for me,and other than ABS brakes the 512TR is still pretty much 1980s technology,almost like driving a heavy go cart.Still a blast to drive however!

    Other than the 550 or 575 which will be my next F-car ,I dont see any other F models that for less than $300,000.00 do it for me.And again I am in the purposefull race car situation.

    I now own a 98 Diablo SV, and let me just say,what a car.Don't believe the quality is bad,poor finish crap ,its just not true.This car is very well layed out inside and out. As far as comfort is concerned,steering wheel goes up down ,in out,gauges right where we need them plenty of room etc.

    With 6 shocks she has 4 way control, soft to firm,either computer or manualy opperated.In addition she hydrolicly lifts her front end so not to scrape air dam.Shifter is short and also smooth as silk as are the handling characteristics and large brakes on this car.

    I am not typically a bells and whistles type guy,in the case of my Diablo they are all very usefull.As to my personal driving experience, 1994TR vrs 1998 Diablo SV,there is no comparison between the two,truly a different league all to its self.New vrs old technology, as much as I love the 512, I am afraid she has met her match and much more as far as total comfort and performance.

    And again we are talking about a lot more money for the lamborghini ,so I expect more car.Well ,I have her now and she is way more car than I had expected she would be. Simply Awsome!
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  3. Great writeup! I love the Diablo Sv, but its a little out of my price range. I will try and pick up an early model Diablo in the next few months.

    I havent driven a 512TR, but have driven a regular TR, and although i enjoyed it, felt very dissapointed by the power. The Diablo was a blast to drive.
  4. I have a 512TR and love it. I have not had the opportunity o drive a lamborghini but I think that they are beautiful cars. congradulations on the car, and i think you got the right model and the right color i saw the pics and it looks great.

    enjoy it.
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    The 512TR is a much different car than a TR, way more seat of the pants power , not as heavy,larger wheels,better ballance etc, they only look alike. The 512TR performance is profoundly different from a TRs.
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  6. Very nice car!
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