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Diablo tail lights

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Uberpower, Mar 11, 2004.

  1. Hi-

    Does anyone know if you can change the red lens type bezel that surrounds the early diablo's tail lights with a body colored bezel and tail lights from a 6.0?


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  3. aawwww... c'mon guys!? A little help!
  4. I cant post pics right now, but ive had this custom done to my car. I had the light surrounds made out of carbon fiber, and it now has the 6.0 tail lights also. Looks great.

  5. I figured that SOMEONE had the same thought that I had. If you don't mind me asking, how much?

    Also, can you paint carbon fiber? I think exterior CF only looks right on white or black cars.

  6. You dont even have to make them out of carbon fiber, they can be made in fberglass and then painted. The lights were 220.00 bucks, 800.00 for the custom bezels.
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  8. I seem to recall reading that one of the old lambos had some regular production car taillights? Can anyone confirm this? Countach and VW, maybe?
  9. Nope.
  10. The Zonda uses the diablo rear lights though.
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    Top is a pic of a 91 Diablo

    Bottom is a pic of a 01 Diablo 6.0

    Seems that you should be able to replace the rear grill and use existing wires to install the 6.0 tail lights?
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  13. I dont own a Diablo and ive never measured the light housing, but I think the old Diablos and the new Diablos rear light housing are the same size. And like Allen said, you got the money to change it, you can change it.

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