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Diablo SVR For Sale

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Europeanroadandracing, Oct 31, 2004.

  1. I am selling #24 of 32 built Diablo SVR. Only american entry in the supertrophy series. Just had it on the track friday and saturday and had lots of Ferraris for lunch. The Ferrariclub was kind enough to let me take part of their event.
    If anyone is interested please email me privately and we'll discuss details.


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  3. pm sent. i have great pics of this car!
  4. these are pics of Karls Lamborghini i took. bear in mind this was at a track event. posted with permission.
  5. street legal?
  6. Is not but can be.
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  8. Like when it is doing the One Lap of America?? I was one of the people trying to follow you ....again...TRYING!!! :D
  9. Mitch, forgive me if I am wrong but were you in a Mitsubishi. It's been too long. Are you going to be there in '05?
    I hope I will but not sure.

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  12. Here are some older pics of #24 with a slightly different paint job and body work.

    John, thanks for posting these pics of my car. I have never seen them before.
    BTW the car is on ebay right now.

    Thanks again,
  13. I saw the car in the newest dupont registry...small world.
  14. Hey Karl, welcome to Ferrari chat. Good to hear from you

    So what will you replace the SVR with ? Will you be returning to Pocono in 05 so we can have some more fun on the track ? :)

    By the way I bought that F40. Looking for a chopped TR now
  15. So what will you replace the SVR with ?

    Nothing right away. I am building a new shop soon. That's why I am selling it. Just closed on the property this AM. I sold most of my toys to do that. I've done it once, I can do it again. Congrats on the F40. I know you will drive it well, I have seen you do it. I ran away from an F40 at a trackevent last month.
    I need to come up with a car for '05 One Lap. Something that can win. Any thoughts?

    see you soon,
  16. 2005 Z06 :) supercharged
  17. There was one in '03 . I beat his ass in the SVR. Plus it's not EUROPEAN(get it)

  18. Murcielago GTR or how about a TVR ? those are rare birds. FAST too

  19. Yes, good memory. I was driving one of the two silver Evolution VIII's that entered the race. Mine had the huge red Mitsubishi symbol on the trunk lid. I hope to enter again in 2005, but will probably run one of my NSX's or something.

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