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Diablo SV VT 6.0 or VT Roadster?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Wildwarrior, Mar 29, 2004.

  1. I am having a hard time deciding on what model to pursue for my new Lambo lust...I here something different from everybody( All Dealers).Is there a seat of the pants performance difference between any of the above models, and are some ,more problematic than others.All input is appreciated!
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  3. SV is prob the most fun but try to get one before the 300 ZX headlights lifting..Same car as Allan.

    Or get a 6.0 ..they are amazing to drive. Very Easy..and sound really good.

    Roadsters look to drug dealer IMO..
  4. For me, the removable top outweighed the differance in performanc between the sv, vt & 6.0
  5. Why not a 512 M ?
  6. I like the look of the 6.0 the best.
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  8. Sv is the one to have.
  9. ithem all, but i think the SV is my fav with it being rear wheel drive
  10. SV sans graphics!
  11. Diablo GT,SV than SE. 6.0 is awesome, but id remove the 4 wheel drive.
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  13. Allan, is the SV a light weight high horsepower version?
  14. Yes.
  15. I'm big 6.0 fan. That's one of the greatest cars I've ever driven. I would love to own a Diablo GT.
  16. I like the rarity and what the SE stands for. ~ Lightweight and more power.

    The SV is also very very nice.

    It's kinda like choosing between women.
    They are all beautiful, useable and fun.

  17. Here is to Roadsters. He He.
  18. I would get the SV or the roadster, personally the roadster, but otherwise the SV...too bad only a handful of specialty SV roadsters:( oh well, maybe the murcielago roadster will be done with an "SV" model.
  19. Take the SV....No doubt the best looking!!

    Although, I REALLY like the way the Roadsters look w/the 6.0 rims.
  20. Why is everyone so anti-roadster? Is rigidity so affected by the removal of the top?

    Also wondering how far from a Murcielago a 6.0L Diablo is (comfort and useability-wise).

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