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Diablo SE 30 pictures

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by XJ220S, Jul 16, 2004.

  1. On the XJ220. I wanted one of those in lieu of the SE 30. It certainly is a different car. A different mission. The bargain hypercar ? It certainly "is" a good buy. It is the "Z06" of Hypercars !!!! I checked into the XJ. Look into the maintainance. The maintainance is quite different ($$$) compared to the other "cheap" to maintain supercars. If you can afford the maintainance, go for it. Just do not be upset with a 16K bill.

    I own 2 of 5 XJ220-S cars ever produced. I believe I did post the details in previous posts. Here are some pictures of the cars. They are extremely powerful and wonderful cars to own. There are a few mods that one should do to the regular XJ220 vehicles. Then the car will work like a clock. Respect it and it will respect you back. The regular XJ220 is 550HP and 2750lbs. The S is 680 HP and is only 2300 lbs.

    Due to rising interest rates and hyped modern supercars such as the Carrera Gt and the SLR being offered at 500K, forgotten supercars such as the XJ220 are begining to increase in value. I am seeing a very strong market for older Ferraris such as the Lusso and the Dino. Lambos are begining to inch up in value as well, especially Miuras. It looks like we could be repeating the cycle of 1989 which followed a very strong real estate market.

    I believe the XJ220 and most Lambos are severely undervalued, as newcomers to the exotic car market continue pouring money into 360s (no offense intended!)
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  3. I own a red and tan with red piping. # 007.

    XJ220-S. I was talking about the working mans XJ. The plain 220. I never even "considered" the S. Congrats. I spoke with Norwoods in Dallas. A tech told me some quirks about the car. The info I have is for the "plain" 220. You have to change the fuel cells/bags every few years. The car has to be completly disassembled to change the system. The crankcase oil has been discontinued. A used transmission costs in the area of 25K. There is only one official distributor for parts. Jag dealers cannot order parts for you. No shop manual. Perhaps Norwoods had just a temporary bad experience ? I do not know ? They service the 220 from a New Orleans owner.

    Other than that the car is probably fantastic. It is all there. It is very exclusive. You are not going to find one on another fun run. Even with 50+ exotics. Great looks. The top speed. The top speed crown. Low production. A famous marque with an excellent pedigree. It is not like they produce off road racing specials every year. When did they produce their last serious "steetable" racer ? If you can handle the maintainance, go for it. Again- It is the Z06 of Hypercars. People are making a mistake by not considering the XJ. The C/GT and SLR are going to do, the rock in the pool trick. The XJ is already there. Just pay for the maintainance.
  4. about the color of that Diablo SE ... there's another shade of purple a little bit darker and more gutsy , I think it's called Viola Ophelia
    does anyone have pics of more purple Diablos
  5. That purple SE was great but that interior...Straight out of Pimp My ride! What the heck happen?
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  10. XJ220S, how come you're selling your custom Murci?

    Saw it on eBay and recognized it. Looks fantastic, someone is going to wind up with a great car.
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  13. Ralph
    I love the car! I love the SE30. Very Clean

  14. Excellent

    The lightweight hardcore Diablo !!!!

  15. I sometimes list my cars on ebay just to test the market. Ebay is not for transacting on cars. It's just a way to advertise a car. Bunch of kids and wannabes bid on cars. Everyone who bids on these cars wants to get it at 30% below book. It's just fun. I am going to keep the car. I am going to add suede with the leather and I'm seriously contemplating about taking the front shafts out.
  16. I like your style. You're a basics no non-sense no luxury needed type of guy when it comes to exotics. I was just teling my friend that I see no reason for the power steering in a car that saving weight is of utmost imposrtance. I enjoyed my 91 and 92 diablos without power steering and I had no problems with it. You should see how the XJ220S' are without power steering. But when the cars get going the wheel finds its place back after completing corners much faster than any PS wheel would.

    I believe these are all luxury items meant for the U.S. market.

    I am thinking about taking the front shafts out of my Murci. As it is I drive the car at all times with the traction control off. I don't know if you have driven a Murci yet. But the power steering in the Murci is too buttery. I took it back to the dealer many times asking them if there is anyways to stiffen up the steering. Unfortunately there is no such an option. I also don't like the oversensitive accelerator. I believe it is called fly by wire technology. I like the Diablo's much better.

    But I still believe once you experience life with a Lambo you won't want anything else. I do have shortage of parking currently, however by years end I am looking to add a clean Miura SV, a non-anniversary pearl white Countach and Yellow or Orange 6.0 to my collection.

  17. Thanks again. Convenience items are for luxury cars. Why would anyone want them on a Sunday AM white knuckle DRIVER ? Nice cars you want. (Miura SV) etc.... My C/T was a white/tan one owner California 88 QV 11 KM #12242. I want another neat Lambo. How about the LP400 Series 1 Lowbody ? Go read Lamborghini Cars about this niche car. Read and druel. LOL. This is the C/T with the best handeling. Seem familiar ? The car has 1 inch less headroom, it is "only" 40.9 inches. It is the lowest C/T. The very early cars had the telephone dial magnesium wheels. It has low weight. Joe Sackey had alot of good things to say about this version of the C/T. It is the "badass" on the ground Countach. Get in line. This one is a sleeper. Not many people have figured this one out. I think they only built 42 cars. In 1980, they raised the car, and made it more "practicle." This was the car the way the factory intended. W. Wolf was instrumental in this particular version.

    I also had the early 91/92 cars on my wish list. Motorcars was looking for a collector grade car for me. I was not going to sit around and wait for the SE 30. Mine just showed up one day. I played the game of not wanting the SE 30. I was evasive without being obvious.
  18. Ralph,
    How have you been?..........haven't seen u on the other site. How do you like the SE? Do you ever miss your Countach? I know I do.
  19. I have a 300 mile 6.0 for sale.

  20. I also have a pearl white countach for sale, it is a 88, 8,000 miles original owner car.


    Email me at John@alloutexotics.com if you are interested.
  21. I talked to Joe Sackey last night on the phone, is he on ferrari chat?

  22. If you want a Miura SV, get a 1972 US car with air split sump, it is the rarest version. They made a handul of cars i know of 3 orginal examples. One was sold by symbolic motors car 5044 it had very very low miles. That car is now in Japan.

    SVs that were sold by Modena Car were US cars they were the distributor, Alberto and Alfredo and "Tayhee" Lee.


  23. Hi Dan:

    I have not heard from you in awhile. Come down here and drive the SE 30.
    I miss the C/T. I do not like the lolly pop clutch of the SE 30. The clutch
    effort feels almost like a $12,000 Corolla w/5-speed. I am still not used to
    the easy effort. I actually like the C/T effort. The SE 30 interior is also
    a little too roomy. I know it is funny - but I say make them with zero
    practicality. You only drive them a few times a month. - That is by choice.
    If you drive it everyday, it will lose the special feeling.

    Also I miss starting the C/T. After the C/T is warmed up it is time to buy
    gas. After the gas you turn the key and you hear the howl of the coolant
    fans. - That is so unreal !!!!!!

    It kind of has shades of pre-flight in an airplane. - The start up and warm up.
  24. I have the SE30 registry from bob brainer when i we were the dealer and 009 was sold at Bevelry Hills Lamborghini new and then went to symbolic, congrats on your car! looks great!

  25. XJ220S,

    Was great meeting you today and thanks for taking the time to chat. Small world. PM me your email and I'll send over the pics I took today at the show. Also saw the picture of the silver S and it looks incredible. I still can't get over the fact that you have two of these beauties. The SE looks killer too. Definitely will keep in touch to do a run one of these weekends.
  26. Ralph,
    Id love to come down to drive the SE. Just say when. LOL!

    You should post more often. Must be to busy driving that beautiful automobile. God she is beautiful!!!!!!

  27. Thanks Dan:

    Beautiful ? Look in your book. Somewhere there is a factory purple Countach !! I think it has a red interior. The pic has the car coming down the assembly line. That is hot. A factory purple Countach !!!! It must come with sunglasses.
  28. Big, gold rimmed navigator sunglasses. :) :p

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