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Diablo SE 30 pictures

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by XJ220S, Jul 16, 2004.

  1. I just picked up my SE30 from Speed Gallery. These guys are total professionals, extremely fair and honest and wonderful to deal with. I have only come across two entities with such great ethics in this business. One is Speed Gallery in Sherman Oaks and the other one is Franco's European in Van Nuys. Franco has been the mechanic for my Lambos, Ferraris etc. He is one of the most honest Lamborghini certified mechanics. His number is 818-994-5656.

    Dan and Alan at Speed Gallery are total fanatics. They did so many little things on my car. From suggesting to paint the break calipers silver to the mesh work that they did for all the intakes. They removed the black(90s) look spoiler pieces and added mesh. They also painted all the black panels in the rear to purple for a modern monochromatic look. They made 3/4 inch spacers for the wheels. The car handles so much better and looks so much wider.

    However I love what they did with the interior. This is the only purple SE in the US with royal blue alcantara interior. We matched the exact shade to the original sample that was lining the inside of the storage compartment. The workmanship on the alcantara and the finish is better than factory. I am very pleased with the outcome.

    I hope you guys enjoy these pictures.
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    Very Kwel!
  4. Nice, very nice! My dream lambo & has to be in that colour! Ive got one just like that in 1/18th scale! Enjoy it!
  5. Very nice!! How many km's? How long have you had the car? Thanks
  6. Very nice SE 30. It is unfortunate no American SE 30's have the alcantra interior. Americans get all the watered down options.

    Also the American car does not have the racing style fuel door.
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  8. I have 18K km and I've had it for 2 years. This is my 4th diablo that I've had and it is my favorite car of all times. It is very smooth and you can clearly feel the light weight. Since I removed the muffler and put borla, I've cut down another 100 lbs. The car is just a tad over 3,000 lbs. It's lighter than the GT. I like my SE better than my Murci!
  9. When is the magazine coming out with your XJ220S?
  10. It should be within the next 2 months. There is still no concrete date for the issue. It is going to be in European Car Magazine. I will let you know as soon as I get the word on it.
  11. I noticed you've been selling some of your cars are you going to keep this one?Very nice by the way.
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  13. I agree with you 100%. I had an se in 95, and have been looking for the right car for the last couple of months. Cant find the right deal yet.
  14. Looks great!

  15. Kewl color scheme. The blue interior just knocks me out. :D
  16. NICE!! I love it!
    I saw the Borla tips and I know Franco loves to put the Borlas on the Diablos.
    Did they repaint the front bumper?
    Is it a US car?
  17. I see your in the valley. What is it like with no AC and that tiny window?

    Its calling you AJ
  18. Why would it have no ac?
  19. well, my god! definitely the best SE30 color possible. would love to see some high-res pics of it. i love all the little mods you guys did to the car.

    so you have a murcielago, se30, xj220s, what else?!
  20. I do have AC and it works very well. It would be impossible without AC. Although having to make certain hand gestures to certain drivers on the street becomes a bit difficult through the small window, but if you try hard the necessary fingers can be extended through the small opening!

    I did paint the front bumper as every diablo gets painted many times over. Especially with the SE sitting barely 2 inches off the ground with no hydraulic lifts. I also painted the lower lip of the spoiler for a monochrome appearance.

    My car is a US car and is 9 car imported. It is a very strong car.

    As far as Franco!!!!!!!! What can I say. A wonderful HONEST man and an excellent mechanic. As I said before in a previous post, never drive a Diablo until you get Franco to put his style of Borla exhaust on it. Franco has also a system where he can change your ignition coils (as they get old) to some other system that he designed. It is cheaper than factory and makes the car run much smoother. My SEs coils went bad and he did his thing on my car. The familiar wobbling upon low RPM acceleration is gone. I strongly suggest everyone upgrade to this. By the way if anyone of you wants to add a supercharger.....!!!! Franco's got his own design that's crazy.

    I remember in 94 when I first saw the prototype purple SE with the royal blue alcantara interior, I literally was drooling at the color combo and the extreme daringness of Lamborghini. With all the aerodynamic components that found their way to the newer Diablos for years to come to ample and expensive carbon fiber interior and engine covers. I was very dissappointed that the US cars did not come with the alcantara interior.

    I am going to be taking the Murci in also for jet black alcantara work. I am going to do partial alcantara and partial leather on the Murci.
  21. I think the coil upgrade is for the pre 98s. 98 and above has the upgraded ones I believe or that could of been the Jota.
    I always thought the SE didnt have AC to keep the weight down.

    Have you thought of putting spacers on the car to give it a wider stance?
    What is the supercharger setup consist of and what kind of HP?
  22. I did notice the monochrome front, thats why I asked.
    You should look into getting the 3m clear bra.
    It woks verry well
  23. I do not like the clear bra. It gets dirty between the finish line of the bra and the panels. However I do have a bra that Franco designed. It comes all the way up to the windshield and covers almost all of the front area of the car, except the upper part of the front quarter panels where the groves are. Since the time that I got the bra, I have no problems tailgating even a caravan of Diablos. I drive with a peace of mine. Well worth the $1,500 investment. It saves numerous unnecessary paint jobs and down time. Let alone having to color match the paint. Made of 2 pieces and easy to install and take off.
  24. Sorry I meant I thought the Jota was the one with no AC.
  25. I wish the alcantra interiors came to the USA. The ultrasuede blue interior was not the only color available when choosing alcantra. I saw a light green one forsale in Germany. It looked really good. It was actually tasteful and quite unique. It was a light medium green. The Lamborghini Registry has a pic of a white exterior and maroon/maroonish alcantra interior with white accents on the pleats where the holes are. It looked incredible. I wanted purple. I could not find a purple car. The car pictured here is beautiful.

    On the XJ220. I wanted one of those in lieu of the SE 30. It certainly is a different car. A different mission. The bargain hypercar ? It certainly "is" a good buy. It is the "Z06" of Hypercars !!!! I checked into the XJ. Look into the maintainance. The maintainance is quite different ($$$) compared to the other "cheap" to maintain supercars. If you can afford the maintainance, go for it. Just do not be upset with a 16K bill.

    The car has AC. Very "few" if any production SE 30's were factory built without AC. All the American cars had AC. The little windows provide virtually zero ventilation. A scoop might work ? How about a carbon fibre scoop for air ? (Most Jota's had AC)
  26. Hmm?? Im wrong then. I know something didnt have an AC??
    I always say you have to have the SE30 as part of your collection and it has to be the purple!

  27. There was or is a hard-core SE 30 purple prototype running around that had a very spartan interior.

    It had the alcantra blue ultrasuede interior. It had a factory fire extinguisher for the engine compartment, radio delete, traction control delete, and AC delete. It is possible someone purchased a car with some of these items deleted. The car would have to be outside the USA. All the American
    cars were unfortunately watered down to some degree.
  28. Do you have one Ralph?

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