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Diablo Roadster Car Cover

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Tomf-1, Aug 24, 2004.

  1. gents...

    do you know where can i procure a nice and soft car cover for my roadster?
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  3. Im getting a California Car Cover on thursday and I have a really nice one on back order from Italy.
    The one I would get is directly from Lamborghini. Its around $400. Remember these are for indoor use only. Email me for more details
  4. Tom,

    I was down in the keys over the past few days - so wanted to check that all went well with your "pick up" in Detriot... Sounds like it did!!!

    Congrats on the new Lambo... I am actually noodleing, slightly looking, AKA trying to convince my wife that we need a Lambo VT Roadster to add to the italian collection :)

    Isn't it great getting a new toy!!! I always love trying to get all the "add on" stuff to make her your own - I have noticed a few of your posts with the questions, and info seeking... This is the second best part (the first being the looking for your new toy).

    Congrats again and enjoy the fun of finding all the good stuff for her!!!

  5. hey richard,

    it all went well. thanks for your help.
    for what it's worth, you have my complete endorsement for a new lambo vt roadster....buzz me and come to check her out if you are in town.

  6. Thanks Tom for the offer - I have an office out by you - so I might just take you up on that - as soon as I convince the better half of the value of another Italian... She informed me this week - she would like to get the 360 spider as the next car... Which hey - I am not complaining - she is a car nut as well... But I think I need to fulfill the Lamborghini urge... Since I have not had a L-Car yet!
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  8. Tom, I have an oem black cover, for a roadster with wing, it has the "Diablo Roadster" stiching on the front. If you are interested, send me an email.

  9. mark,

    sorry for the late reply....
    i'v been traveling on biz.
    you have mail.


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