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diablo prices in canada

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by marcus, Nov 24, 2004.

  1. Why diablo in Canada are more expensive than the us. some dealer is asking fo 160 us for a diablo 1991 avrage car.
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  3. Canadien pricing is higher due to the US Dollar being worth more than Canadien currency...Use a currency calculator and you will see pricing is about the same:)
  4. Pricing is about the same? You are kidding right?

    A Diabloo 6.0 is ... 390 000$ CDN!!! over here -> http://www.johnscotti.com/pages/main_preowned.html

    They go for what 180-200$us in the US? That's around 240000$cdn (thx to the current exchange rate). I can't see how transport, customs and conversion to canadian specs could cost 150 grands!!!
  5. The $390k Diablos are brand new, 6.0 SE models. Look further up the list to see a "nornmal" 6.0, priced at $259,900. That's still high compared to US prices, after factoring in exchange, but you have to remember that the limited market here causes prices to carry a premium...
  6. You're talking about the 2001 right? If so, then it's allright. Price is only marginally higher than american cars.
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  8. Scotti also has absurd pricing.
  9. You can't judge Canadian pricing by John Scotti.He is on drugs.You can buy a 91 Diablo for 100K cdn and frankly it is not worth much more than that
  10. Almost every single used Lambo that I have seen for sale in Canada except for the Gallardo at Segal Motorcar in Toronto, is priced like there are a couple of kilos of cocaine in the trunk, sitting on top of a couple of solid gold ingots from Fort Knox.

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