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Diablo picture

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by PWehmer, Dec 26, 2003.

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  2. Where is it?
  3. Reloaded the picture and now it shows up.
  4. Looks awesome.
  5. Great photo.

    Allan, I know that the Murc is a newer model and more refined, but don't you think the last Diablo 6.0's are more stylish (perfect proportions) to the Murci? I know the Murci maybe faster and better put together, but I think the final Diablos were just incredible. I have an issue of EVO from 2000 that tested the 6.0 against the 550, 360 Coupe, 996TT, Viper GTS, and Zonda. Only the Zonda rated higher in driveability, but they (the writers) were in love with the 6.0.
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  7. I have that issue. They choose the Diablo over the Zonda, and none of the testers wanted to drive the Viper.

    Honestly, i look at them as 2 totally different cars, and love them both. Since ive been driving Diablos for so long, i seem to LUST after the Murcielago more now. Diablo 6.0 is awesome though.
  8. Allan that was a terrific issue, I somehow feel EVO was more partial to the 6.0 over the Murci. Both are fantastic though. I understand after having and driving so many Diablos you want a Murci. I had a 360 for a bit and believe it or not I prefer the looks of my 355 although the 360 is faster. I really love the Diablo though, my cousin in Europe told me the hottest car around right now over there is the Gallardo.
  9. I think Evo likes both, the Murci and the Diablo. They seem to always write favorable reviews of both. Did you see their write up on the Diablo GT?

    Ive been speaking to people who are taking delivery of the Gallardo, and they all seem to absolutely love it. Every dealer that ive spoken to, says the #1 trade in is a 360.
  10. Yeah, the Murci got a bit rounded. I would still love one :) As Clarkson said, they've made a sports car out of a supercar. I like the 6.0 too, but as allen says, it's sort of a different car. I would get black, no wing.
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  12. No Allan, I missed that Issue, but EVO is my favorite magazine. By the way great video of your car even with Eminem playing, LOL.
  13. Hey! I love Eminem!lol
  14. hey PWehmer, i have a very similar photo... how abt Pearlescent Yellow - stunning to me!!!
  15. Actually I was super-lucky enough to copilot this car from NY to VT and back during the Oct 2003 Running of the Bulls rally. I really love the 6.0L cars. Thank you E!
  16. I was puzzled by the exhaust on the 6L Diablo.
    It looks to be a nest of pipes who come togethor at the dual tail pipes.
    Looks like a race car. Cool.
    But that would imply a lack of muffler. Which the car has since it is pretty quiet until the revs get up there.

    So did Lambo do a series of pipes off the muffler for looks?

    I was surprised to be told the body was nearly all carbon fiber- only the roof and doors have a metal skin. In black the finish was excellent- good as a metal car. Very smooth.

    But on an F50 the carbon weave texture shows through. Not as apparent on a red F50 but very noticeable on a black F50.
  17. I really like the diablo and the Mucri. I havent been in the Murci yet but was in the diablo and it indeed feels very powerfull just hearing the engine idle.

    I really like the little turn signals on the Diablo 6.
  18. The 6.0 is one of the most beautiful cars the world currently knows... Had they made a roadster, i probably would've soiled myself... It's a beautiful car... That pearlescent yellow is stunning...
  19. I couldn't agree more. I love the 6.0!
  20. I agree with whoever wrote that the turn signals are cool, the best back end they could have done, better than the super busy early diablos. And also, I wouldnt be surprised AT ALL if they made a few roadsters, especially for european customers, as they did do this with the SV, which was supposed to remain a hardtop...

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