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Diablo Performance Numbers

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by racerdj, Jun 1, 2004.

  1. Copying a thread started by silver99, I'd like to have help in compiling performance numbers for the various Diablo's. Here it goes. I found July 2000 Road and Track Cover Story "Diablo! Faster than 'Hell'"
    0-60 3.6 Seconds
    0-100 8.8 Seconds
    Quarter Mile 12.0@119.8
    Top Speed 205
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  3. We need this badly, it's easy to get Murcie figures but in researching it I've found it's nearly impossible to get a good backlog of Diablo speed test results.

    Just make sure to denote which model they tested Dave, was that a 6.0 in that R&T test?
  4. Motor trend:

    Road Test: Lamborghini Diablo 6.0
    Acceleration, sec
    0-30 mph 1.5
    0-40 mph 2.0
    0-50 mph 2.7
    0-60 mph 3.4
    0-70 mph 4.6
    0-80 mph 5.8
    0-90 mph 6.7
    0-100 mph 8.4
    Standing quarter mile, sec/mph 11.8/120.9
  5. 6.0 VT
    They had an excellent article following the Diablo called "Lamborghini V-12 Magic!! To top it off a picture of a 'Red' Countach!!!!
  6. Dave,what car did you take to Indi?The mini-van?
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  8. It hasn't happened yet, I'm still undecided however leaning towards the Mini-Van!!
  9. I just found an old Road & Track magazine. Its July 1999

    1999 Lamborghini Diablo VT Roadster
    530bhp @ 7100
    448 lb-ft@ 5600

    Top speed est. 208MPH
    0-40 3.0
    0-60 4.6
    0-80 7.3
    0-100 10.4
    1/4 mile 13.0 @ 115.0 MPH

    60-0 126ft
    80-0 218ft
    skid pad .93g
    slalom 62.0 MPH
  10. these numbers seem way to slow? should be at least a second faster in the 1/4..360s put up better numbers than this...
  11. You know,there's always one magazine that cant drive,no matter what car.I think the Roadster #'s I have seen were in the 4.0 range,with the quarter around 12.5.The Roadsters are slightly slower than the coupes,but it looks like this tester didnt know how to launch an AWD system.
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  13. I just got a copy of Autocar and Motor 31 August 1994 and here are their numbers: 1994? VT The numbers seem low
    0-30 2.5 Sec
    0-60 5.1 Sec
    0-100 10.8 Sec
    1/4 Mile 13.6 Sec@115 mph
  14. When I have time I'll post the times given by the Quattroruote magazine for the 94' Diablo VT. Anyways they were really fast!

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