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Diablo Owners - I have a question...

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by FL 355, Dec 3, 2004.

  1. I'm ready to buy a pristine 92 Diablo from a private party. Last month dealer put in a new clutch. Car has full records.

    I have 3 questions for Diablo owners:

    1) What specifically should I look for during PPI? I know issues are clutch, head gasket, electronics. Anything else do keep any eye out for in early model cars?

    2) What's an average cost of 30K service and what is done? For example, on a 355 it's an engine out belt change - dealer about 7K, independent 4.5K. So, assuming nothing else is discovered, what's an average major service?

    3) Availablility of parts? I saw in another site where a guy with a 97 Diablo could not find an intake manifold, even from the dealer. Any difficulty with parts?

    I've scheduled PPI for this Wed (Dec 8). Any advice you can comment on would be welcomed and appreciated.

    Thank You.
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  3. Early 91/92 cars had a bunch of factory updates. I don't remember them all but chain tensioners, brakes and a grounding strap update were some of them.

    Diablos do not have scheduled major services. There is no engine out belt change. It's all standard maintenance type stuff. However, a 92 is now (in Jan) 13 years old. Components are getting near the end of their lifespan the same as any 13 year old car. Water pump, alternator, etc. Having just purchased my car I don't fully know what the parts situation is like yet.

    Drive the car yourself. A PPI and records are all good info but nothing is better than a first hand inspection.

    Good Luck.
  4. You may want to check the cats. They can get very hot on the early cars. I also understand they "may" clog up. Everything Jay said is correct. The chain tensioner was a problem with the 91/93 models. Make sure it was updated.

    Otherwise, the 91/93 cars, are amongst the fastest Diablo's around.
  5. Thank You...Everyone....Looks like she's mine. Should have her this weekend.

    Here's the story -

    92 with 9,000Km. 2 owner car. All records from day one. Last month $14K service invoice for clutch and new brakes/rotors (upgrades) and other nickle and dime stuff.

    First owner was President of Ford Motor Company (documented). Current owner has had car for 6 years. He also has a TR and GTO and a few cars in his garage I never heard of... He's 58 and had a stroke last month. Unable to use right side of his body and is selling off his collection. He's closing on the sale of his private jet Saturday for $3M because he can no longer fly. The guy is the real deal. Interesting man, came here as imigrant and self made.

    I'm a concours specialists - he's beyond me. He order 3 sets of Keith Collins mats and the set in the car is still in original plastsic! Other two for back up. He's very passionate about all his cars and spares no expense to maintain. I spoke to the dealer who has worked on the car and they know him very well and are also interested in buying the car. They did not know I had a letter of intent contingent on PPI.

    I'll keep you posted...trying to curb my excitment because it's not over till it's over...

  6. Congratulations on your purchase. Any idea where the rest of the lot is being listed? mmmmmmm...... GTO.
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  8. That's great Frank. Congrats and enjoy it :)
  9. Hey Frank!

    Have not talked to you in a while!

    Keep me posted! Congrats!!!

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    "6 days on the road and I'm gonna make it home tonight"...old cowboy song...

    Well, I'm now a Lambo guy....got home last night....she's dirty and still on the trailer....
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  11. frank,

    good morning....she is gorgious.
    i hope you have many years of enjoyment.
    congrat again.

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  13. Anxiously awaiting more pics!! Nice car and BTY great color!! Enjoy!
  14. nice nice nice
  15. Congrats, Frank -- awsome ride!! You plan on bringing her up to Mt. Dora next year?
  16. are you sure Dave? do you really like the color?... and i though you were color blind!!!! lol....actually everyone talks about ferrari red, but lambo red is no slouch of a color either!!!!
  17. Yes, Mt Dora, Winter Park, etc.

    Will be at Palm Beach Intl Concours which is tied in with Cavallino this year, they will have some killer cars see palmbeachcouncours.com for info.

    Also registered for Fest of Speed in TPA and another show I can't thing of right now...

    Puppy still on the trailer....been constant rain down here for last 2 days... just crusing through the owners manual.

    SCYCE & DAVE - Yep the red is really nice on this car... I know about the need for a Black car :)
  18. Frank -
    BEAUTIFUL car -
    pics when the rain eases up ???

    Congrats !!!!!

  19. well ,i saw Franks car in person today,I'm just speechless. its gorgeous, Franks beside himself jumping around like a kid.best of luck with her.
  20. My 01 Lambo Red is very close the the 01 Ferrari Red. I've heard that the new Gallardo and Murcielago red is not similar to the old red.
  21. damn thats nice
  22. Which color red is yours, Frank and Dave? Mine will be Rosso ViK...
  24. Bill - The collector I bought the car from gave me some touch up paint and it reads "Rosso Diablo". I'll check the data plate on the car later. Been on her with a buffer all day (nice way to spend Xmas -lol) Similar to my old 355, but a little more "pop" in the color with a slight orange hue..

    BTW - I really hope you get that car...very nice. Do you have any idea what brand rims are on that car and where they got the "challenge style" rear grill?

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