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diablo owner survey

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by scycle2020, Jun 4, 2004.

  1. to all you lucky diablo owners... i would like to know how many miles in how many years you have put on your cars and how much did you spend for maintenance and repairs during this time....ferrari repair costs are well documented but many f car owners assume thel cars cost more to keep onthe road..... i would like to see what the true costs are to disspell any myths
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  3. Just buy the car,will you please?lol

    Ok,as best as I can remember,and with the receipts I kept.

    '91 Diablo,bought new-Kept 2 years,and registered 20k miles.I set of tires,2 tune-ups,6 oil and fluid changes.Had the recall items done under warranty.No cost.Rebuilt water pump.Thats it.Estimated cost of repairs for 2 years including tires-4500.

    93 Diablo,bought new-kept 1.5 years,and registered 21k miles.1 set of tires,tune-ups,fluid changes,nothing else.Estimated cost of service and repairs-3800.

    94se,bought new-kept 5 years,and registered 26k miles.Tune-ups,fluids,2 sets of tires,water pump,2 batteries,pass. side radiator.Estimated cost of service and repairs-8400

    98S.V.,bought used with 5k miles on it.Registered an additional 26k in 4 years.Tune-ups,fluids,3 sets of tires,ignition problem,radiator hose,2 batteries,set of brakes.-estimated cost of repairs-9700

    6.0,3000 miles in 1 year-fluid change.estimated cost -200

    I also had 3 other Diablos,for shorter periods of time.Total miles put on about 22k. estimated repairs,tires,service at about-8000

    Total miles driven in Diablos-118,000k

    Estimated service and repairs,including tires-34,600

    Thats an average of 10,000 miles per year,with an average maintenance cost of 2883 per year.
  4. thanks aj... good analysis.... your per mile costs have been very low for an exotic..10k miles a year means you have been enjoying your beasts...btw...i am still obsessing over which diablo model to get, how much to spend, etc....i will hopefully get more help from you as a continue... plus l cars are more scarce than the f cars, which are all over the place!!!!!
  5. Yes,they are low.All I can go by are the 8 Diablos I have owned.Maybe I have been lucky.I dont think so.They are very dependable cars.I would be glad to help you anytime. A.J.
  6. Thanks for the info. Very comprehensive :)
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  8. Ive put almost 10k miles on my 6.0 with only fluid changes,plug changes,drive belts and a new battery.4 oil changes=400.00, Diff fluids=50.00, Belts=75.00, Plugs=384.00, Battery=100.00 for a total of 1009.00.

  9. Awesome! 10k a year in an exotic...a man after my own heart! Well done!
  10. $384 for plugs!? Jeez!
  11. Yea no chit,and Champions at that.
    32 bucks each.

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  13. I'm going in for total fluids and will report after this Wednesday. Hey AJ or others, is the battery tender a good idea?
  14. I Had my 4500 mile service done last month with fluids at Crisswel ,it cost me $800.00.
  15. Hey Dave,I dont use it.As I said awhile ago,use the disconnect feature in the engine compartment.You will have to reset the clock,but that is the only downfall.I dont like hooking up anything to the car,I get nervous,but Im anal.
  16. Do I remember to do it after at least 7 minutes after turning the ignition off as the computers are shutting down?
  17. Did someone say that?I dont remember that.I havent been waiting for the computers.Im getting old,I cant remember anything.
  18. My memory is not a good as it once was, but I remember something to the effect that the cars electronics use that time to do final system checks and communication with each other (7 computers??) and need that time. Maybe the poster of that info will respond.
  19. Not to bad!

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