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Diablo or Murci?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Azzuro, Feb 11, 2005.

  1. No matter in which country you live, a used Murci can be double the price of a used Diablo. My queastion is whether the Murci is so fantastically better than a Diablo to justify the extra cost or whether a Diablo is just as good considering the limited mileage that such cars cover. Is the Murci an easier, more reliable car to live with?
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  3. We'll 02 Murcies's are going for 185-190K while 6.0's are fetching 175K so not that much difference. But in my opinion the Diablo is still king of the road, the Murcielago is some what of a watered down Lambo.
  4. I woulod with the Diablo look waaaay better plus rwd
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    I never owned a Diablo but I know several who have them. They look great. However, I have the complete shop manual for our Murcielago. It tells of changes from the Diablo including the 6.0. Some think the 6.0 is made just like the Murcielago. There are some similarities in the looks department but the cars are different from the ground up.

    Obviously looks are a personal thing but I am more of a functional type of guy and this car is way ahead. TNTC. 'Not to detract from the Diablo, a great car but this Murcielago we own is a potential life long car. I personally expect it to last me 50 years (about my hopeful life expectancy).

    If money is important, save up and buy the Murcie, in the long run you win. If you just enjoy the Diablo looks better and move from car to car each year then the Diablo will suit you. It too is a great car.

    I have no reservation of going across the nation in my wife's Murcie:

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  6. Beautiful ride!
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  8. The Murcie is okay but if you want many more looks from passers by and more flash factor then go for the Diablo. The most outrageous looking Diablo would be the SE30 in a light colour, then you can expect things like people diving over the bonnet, and knickers thrown on the windscreen (I'm serious about the first one anyway). It stands out nearly as much as a UFO appearing overhead. State of the art for maximum flashness.
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    I just went thru this very issue for myself, agonizing over which car i would find more to my liking. See http://www.ferrarichat.com/forum/showthread.php?t=42179&highlight=torn

    The cost of the Murcie was incrementally more (and only that) than the 6.0. As others here know, i opted for the 6.0, in large part because it just appealed to me more; i found the Murcie cockpit to be a dark cave- granted, the car i was looking at was a black/black 03, and the interior was unrelieved of its blackness, and in some ways, sterility, that could, in another interior color combo, be just fine. (I still think the dash and console on the 6.0 are far more attractive, though.) Had i not just come from another very modern type, but arguably equally "sterile" supercar- a GT2- perhaps the Murcie would have appealed to me more. (Not dissing the Murcie here- it's a choice others would make, hands-down, over the Diablo). But, the moral of my story is- despite the specs, the advances, and the opinions of others, you should ultimately make this choice yourself, since it's not going to be an entirely rational decision anyway. (If it were, i doubt we'd be talking about Lamborghini at all). Good Luck.
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    It is hard to compare the flash factor. Nobody misses my wife driving around in her Murcielago.

    I had a dark, dark (pozzi) blue 550 Maranello and I got a lot of lookers (not my aim in life but the fact never-the-less). When I got my new red 575 Maranello with shields I have gone almost unnoticed. Every other car on the road is red. It just does not stick out but for the real car enthusiast.

    But who cares what the others think. Get what turns you on. As I said before, I love the looks of both cars but the Murcielago is far advanced and that makes it for me.

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    I have to admit that seeing several Murcielagos with the usual, monotone interior was boring. My wife however picked out some unique colors when she ordered her car. The bad news is that you have to wait 8 months to get your car. This may be good as you can save up for an '05 and get something really spectacular.

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  14. this is a nice debate, now compares exahaust systems, and RWD vs. AWD.........=-)
  15. love the 6.0 interior..perhaps the best looking interior on any sports car ever!!!!
  16. Whart, your car is gorgeous! Congrats.
    Motorcars Int'l had a couple of red 6.0s for sale in the last year or so. The previous one was a very low mileage car (600-700 if I recall correctly) that went right away. I missed it by a day or two. Had I not, I very likely would have bought it. I'm assuming it wasn't you who beat me to it bcz this was approaching 1 yr ago. Red 6.0s are rare and IMO, the best looking. Perhaps I just got sick of seeing so many yellow & silver ones. The first time I saw a red one, I knew it would be the only color I ever got a 6.0 in.
  17. I can attest to the beauty of Bill's 6.0. In person it just knocks you over and on the road it's just plain dangerous since I find myself looking at it from every angle an dnot paying attention to the road in front of me! I'm personally not a "Red car" kinda guy and I'm also not a fan of "lighter" interiors...but Bill's car must be seen to be appreciated. It's a stunner...
  18. I think the 6.0 has the "look" and beats any other Diablo hands down. The Murcielago has the technology and is 100% of a drive across the country car as Ali stated, but the tradedown for me is the refined look.

    Every time I see a Murcielago now I think it'd be fun to have. Every time I see a Diablo 6.0 I think I'm glad I have mine. Choose between the two? Tough call, but I've never driven a Murcielago and that may sway my vote heavily.


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