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Diablo or Gallardo???

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Ryan Wilson, May 31, 2004.

  1. What are your sugestions? I have been told by a local so cal dealer that the diablo's had many problems including oil leaks seeping from the block. Is there any truth to this. The sales man calls them a mechanics car. He then sugested the Gallardo stating that it is a much more reliable vehicle due to Audi's ownership. He also had a showroom full of Gallardo's. Is one car faster, better, etc. then the other? I am sure there are going to be great features of both cars so I'm all ears! Thanks for your comments.
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  3. The early model Diablos are not going to be as dependable as a Gallardo (bigger engine, older technology, etc...). However, that being said...I would still rather have a Lambo Diablo. In my opinion, the Diablo is more representative of Lamborghini's history. It is a more sleek, low-slung car than the Gallardo and the original Lamborghini doors really top the car off.

    It's all just a matter of opinion, but I think the doors on the Diablo really makes the car MUCH more exotic. So, if you're buying for looks, get the Diablo......but if you're wanting to a buy a car that you can drive on a daily basis, I'd go for the Gallardo.

    Both cars are well built pieces of art, but I prefer the Diablo.
    -Zach Lindsey
  4. I also like the styling on the Diablo. I am a little concerned with the reliability though. I would rather have a car that is drivable and possible faster then for asthetics. Any other thoughts or personal experiances?
  5. I have a Gallardo and can vouch for it being a daily driver. I have 3000 miles on mine since March and it just may be the best car I have ever had.

    I did not and would not consider a Diablo. They may be reliable, but they do not have that reputaion. Combine that with lack of warranty and I would have no peace of mind driving a Daiblo with brio on a regular basis.

    As for performance, I'll bet they are close and on a track I'd bet the G is faster, but this is speculation.

    Appearance? That's personal preference, but I like the clean, functional lines of the G and its ergonomics and ease of operation are fantastic.
  6. I know of a couple 6 spd Gallardos with 200 and 900 mile for about $165k...I love the lines and look of the Diablo but for the same money it would be a very tough call.
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  8. Go with Gallardo...warranty..plus probably more reliable?
  9. Do you like your Lambo more German or Italian?

    See if you can download the video of Tiff Needle from 5th Gear, testing the Gallardo.
    try www.racingflix.com
    May have to register but it's free. Kind of slow download though.

    According to him, the Lambo has lost it's flair.
  10. If flare is breakdowns and less than 100% reliability???
    I'll take the German Version for mechanics and the Italian input for esthetics.
  11. I had a similar dilemma a month ago. Drive both and then decide. The Gallardo was slightly more comfortable in the interior but after driving the Murcielago I then preferred it. My car is not representative of most Diablo's as it only has 3000 miles. It is very tight, no fluid leaks, build/paint quality excellent and no warranty. It comes down to what you like the best. To me the Diablo's styling is out of this world but thats me. Similar costs if you are looking at 6.0's vs Gallardo's. I drove my 360 today to work and wondered where the "in your back acceleration" was and then I realized I was not in the Diablo. When I test drove the V-10 and V-12, I felt some difference. It's fun to have to choose between two great cars!! Good Luck!!
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  13. Gallardo is German design. The Diablo is Italian design.

    I agree, breakdowns are not fun, but for some it just isn't a big deal if you get 1 a year.
  14. Thanks again for all the help guys. I am probably leaning towards the Gallardo primarily due to the possibility of it being higher reliability then the Diablo. Both I find to be absolutely beautiful. I guess it could be related best to women, some blond some brunette, all beautiful.

    Is there any truth to the rumor I heard about the engine blocks on the D's leaking oil through the block?? Sounds a little out there to me. Thanks for all the input, keep it comming!
  15. At least drive both as you WILL have a favorite after an hour or so!!
  16. No.
  17. Some of the D's seals will leak over time, but they are bs types of leaks that happened on the earlier cars....I personally love the Diablo 6.0, but the Gallardo is probably a better car to drive on a daily basis...but if it's between the 6.0 and the Gallardo, I would go with the 6.0, if it's the Gallardo and the older Diablos, I would go with the Gallardo!

    Good Luck!
  18. Shorty,no flame intended,but what is your actual experience with oil leaks,or fluid leaks in Diablos?I have owned a 91,93,94,98(2),99(2),and a 6.0.I have NEVER found this to be a problem.
  19. Thanks for the info. What are the main diferences between the diablos and why do I want the 6.0?

  20. Im not sure you want the 6.0.What would be your ultimate intention for the car?Speed?Look?Driveability?Lower repair cost?Tell me what you are looking for,and I will try to help.
  21. Isn't this a bit like people asking "512 TR or F355 ???"?
    Different cars alltogether...
    But without having driven a Gallardo I think the answer is the same.
    Daily driver = F355/Gallardo, weekend toy/country blast = 512TR/Diablo
    // Peter
  22. Buy the Gallardo. Latest technology, better fit and finish, better build quality, a two year Warranty, etc. Less headaches overall and you will not have to spend time taking it in for REPAIR and $$!
  23. Daily grinder-Gallardo even though I would get a 355 F1 for daily commute. Not the 360 because it doesn't have the classic Ferrari front grill. Weekend warrior-Diablo. Gallado will never become classic because it doesn't have the later Lambo signature swing up scissor doors and V12. Just like having a ferrari with 4 seats or color white. When it gets old, no one wants it and It'll become junk. Somehow all the cars with sharp edged body design like the Gallardo and Merci look older than the Diablo and the 355 and the 360. If you want reliability get a Honda.
  24. Reliability is a very nice feature to me. It would most likely be my weekend car. With work that will limit me to about 2-4 days a month that I can get out and use it. Reliability is important because of my limited time schedule and I would like it to be running when I have time. I do have a business that can do the maintenance so that really isn't a big deal. I do love the lines of the Diablo over the Gallardo and of course the doors, who doesn't! Drivability and speed is very important to me. Now if that isn't confusing I don't know what is, I think I answered yes to everyone of your questions. The older Diablo's have an attractive price of around 100k+ however most were around 10k miles or more. Should I stay away from a higher mileage Diablo?

    Thanks again for all of your help! It's great to turn to a group of people that have experience like you.
  25. Your best bet would be a 99VT,or 01 6.0.They basically have the same reliability,although the 6.0 has a bit more power and interior fit and finish.98 and newer have a different clutch assembly,the same one that is in the 550 F car.You would have no problems with it.The AWD is a major plus,and enhances the driving experience.I would say to concentrate on 98,99,or 01.If you like the 2WD and muscle car like performance,the S.V. of 98/99 is the way to go.Lightweight,agile,and a flyer.Just be careful because alot of the S.V.'s were used for what they were designed for.To go fast in a hurry.If dollars are no concern,the 6.0 is the way to go.You cant beat the performance,0-60 in 3.4,quarter in 11.8,and a top speed near 210.It is also slightly wider,exposed headlights,unique wing.It has already depreciated 100k,and the demand seems to be picking up on arguably the greatest Diablo ever built.The history is more important than the miles.These cars require very little service,believe it or not.Ive never had an engine out in a Diablo.
  26. What is the downside to owning a pre 98 car? I am assuming there were substantial changes in reliability with the 98 and newer diablo's?


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