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Diablo on Dirt video

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by allanlambo, Jan 7, 2004.

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  2. I wouldent do that with my lambo. It didnt sound like a replica the engine sound was authentic.
  3. There's another picture of a Lambo from Brock Yates 1 Lap of America on a dirt track too. Search the back issues of Car and Driver. That particular car also had a trailer hitch for the various tires the competitors had to carry to complete the competition.

    While I wouldn't do that to any Lamborghini I owned it's nice to see that the car is robust enough to pull it off.
  4. Popup headlight Diablo, could be 13 years old and only 100-grand... cheaper than other racing alternatives.

  5. i've never seen a 100k dirt circle track car ;)
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  7. Thats actually a 96 Vt i believe. It is owned by a guy named Karl Troy, who raced it in the One Lap of America, and placed 10th, behind all highly modified cars. The Vt was bone stock. i believe he placed 3rd on the dirt oval.

    A few years earlier, a stock SV placed 2nd, just barely missing 1st behind a raced out Mosler.
  8. nice video allan
  9. lol, funny stuff - thanks for posting - looked like fun!
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  11. thanks for the video allan.

  12. Yes, that is Karl Troy's car. I raced in the One Lap of America this last year (2003) and Karl entered a Diablo SVR (ultra-race car!!) painted like an American flag. At the first event on the first lap he spun the car and backed it into a wall and crunched in the back. Within a couple of hours he had taken a SLEDGEHAMMER, and hot glue, duct tape, and wire, and beaten the rear quarters back into shape on the SVR and was back in the race. It was unreal. When we got to Carolina Motorsports Park his wife joined us in the yellow Diablo from the video. It was clean and for sale. He beat the heck out of those Diablos.
  13. I've known Karl Troy for awhile now, he's serviced my Porsche when I first moved to Charleson - a STAND UP GUY (and Charleston's only Ferrari mechanic)! His taste in cars changes from whatever he thinks he can run, competitively, in the 1 Lap. I've checked out the Stars and Stripes Lambo in his shop, its 'under restoration' from his accident - caused by the brake bias lever being in the way of entering/exiting the car.
  14. Ive spoken to Karl, and he said that if he hadnt spun the Sv-R he would have been very competitive in the One Lap.
  15. Made me think of the EVO article where they drove a Murci in the Alps in the snow. Looked great!
  16. wow great 348 spy - what color is that? do you have any more pics?

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