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Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by GianPaolo, Feb 11, 2005.

  1. Can the Lamborghini Diablo GT-R be street legal? We know because use the GT in the states and was wondering if there was a way to make the gt-r street legal?
    Maybee detuning the motor a tad and adding signal lights would that help?
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  3. Ok then i guess not. Yes i know i made the mistake of saying gt-r and not GTR. I hope i didn't make it sound ricey.
  4. For Germany: Yes!
    There are 2 road legal GTR`s in Germany (maybe more but I only know two of them).
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  7. I know that there is an SVR that was made US street legal. It was painted like an american flag. I would assume that GTR's could be but have no experience with it.
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  10. How many miles can you drive with show and display papers??
    If i were to get a Diablo i thought about the gtr instantly but knowing that there not street legal i would consider a gt, but the show and display is really messed up.

    Does anyone know if it is possible to add a GTR front bumper to any last gen Diablo?? Or is the molded carbon attached to the body that this could not be possible?
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  12. Excuse my ignorance in my last post, I am for the most part a Ferrari guy but lately the Bull has got me by the horns and i'm hooked.
    And thus i just realized the gt is pretty much just like the gtr.
  13. I think the it is 2,500 miles for the show and display. I know that getting a GT is easier then a GTR.
  14. Thanks alot for the info. yeah forget the gtr it just has 25hp more and a racing exterior nothing more.

  15. little do you know.
  16. Enlighten me.
  17. I dont know all the differences but I'll list the big ones. I have driven Both cars quite a bit and every one is a bit different.

    The GTR's have a rollcage, one seat, no climate control, radio, insulation for heat or sound, headliner, plastic windows, slick tires, straight pipes, weigh alot less, air lifts, quick release speedline wheeles. Nothing on the steering coloumn all the switches are in the center consoul. No horn.

    I think that the fastners on the engine bonnet and front trunk are latched on the GT,

    They are completely different to drive, in a GTR you have to hammer it or it will stall which makes it very difficult to keep traction and drive in the street with traffic, in contrast the GT's are infact very driveable.

    one is a true race car the other is very agressive street car bearing similar looks. It is true that they share alot of common parts but so do people and were all very different.

    if you look around you can read more technical stuff on them but thats just numbers and words, driving them and feeling them makes them much more different than gearhead numbers.

    hope I helped you

  18. OWNED!!!!!!!! :) aaaaahahahhah, but all in good fun :) :D

  19. I didnt mean to sound rude when I said" Little do you know" I just was in a hurry and didnt have time to answere. I didnt want to see the thread die either. So I made a quick post.

    I dont know a lot about Ferraris or many other cars but do know alot more than most about these 2 cars and wanted to help. Since there are so few of them and people with experience with them and I knew some of the answeres I felt obligated to answere.
  20. I forgot GTR's have a fire supression system, tow hooks, different composit on the brake pads (they sound like a freight train), the carbon fibre is raw(not painted w/clear coat stuff antwhere in the car), 5 point seat harnesses. a removeable steering wheel(quick release).

    Fuel filler system is for the can thing- has two holes one at 45 degress above the other one to displace the air so the fuel cell(another difference) can be filled from a bottle quickly in the pit. they push in and arnt threaded like a regular fuel cap.

    wing is smaller and fixed(except small lip on the back) on the GT, the GTR has a huge race wing that creates ALOT more down force.

    i'll look for some more differences later.
  21. Anyone know where I can get the Rims for the GTR?
    I was looking for a second set for "hard driving events"
    I would guess the black forged GTR would be the right one for a 6.0 track event right?
  22. In my last post i made the mistake of mentioning "exterior" instead of interior. Fron the outside they look the same except for wing and rims (and taillights if you wanna get picky) but the interior is what makes the difference. i ALREADY know about all the features you mentioned except for the stalling issue.
    Looks like you got confused when i asked my question but that's ok.
  23. keep dreaming kid.
  24. GTR dosent have a rear bumper

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