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Diablo for sale?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Ksullender, Dec 29, 2004.

  1. Anyone know where there might be an early 90's Diablo in red for sale?
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  3. That's what I am looking for as well... Looks like black is the most common color available for 91-93...
  4. what happened to looking for a 355 or are you looking at both?
  5. manhattan motor cars has a 93 diablo red available. call walter @ 212-594-6200 ext 221

    Rob sent you.
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  7. I'm still considering what to get but I'm falling in love with these Diablos though...

    How are you and your dad doing?

    Your dad's Viper was off the hook... I would love to see his GTS as well...
  8. I heard that Euro Spec doesn't have a good reputation... Apparently, they don't have any inventory.. They re-sell other dealer's cars...

    To your point... That Diablo does look nice...
  9. Thanks Rob.. do you know the price and miles?
  10. i think the car rob was talking about has 6k miles and is around 130k.

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  12. i think they may be asking less, i dont remember
  13. local friend has a 1995 vt for sale 125k takes the car, black and tan no wing, 2100 miles, all maintenance and cosmetics and mechanicals are perfect. send a pm if you want to chat about it.

  14. Beat ya to it :)

    BTW - No comparison of 355 to Diablo. The Diablo is a balls to the wall race car with incredible power.. Having had both the 355 felt like a Mazda Miyata (sp). Not bashing th 355, it's a well balanced nimble car. But nothing even close to a Diablo.

    The early cars are fast. 91 had chanin tensioner issues, but upgrade available. 92-93 are solid cars.

    Did you see the Florida post? The 92-93's are quick because they were lightened by removing things like rail chrash bars in the doors...only 40 cars total entered the country before DOT caught on. The guy who posted that info was the CFO for Lamborghini and is well know in the trade.

    Hope you plan on making it to Italafest or Cars for the Cure... you can see her there..
  17. Manhattenmotorcars has a 95' VT that has 6000 miles for a mere 129,900. Very reasonable, considered picking it up for myself, but I love the murci to much and must wait.
  18. Good friend of mine has a Red 1998 SV with tan interior and about 15K miles. I think $125K takes it.
  19. Your color choice and model selection will not disapoint you! You will be changed forever!

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