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Diablo 6.0 questions

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by weatherman1940, Apr 21, 2005.

  1. I've been checking out the Murcie in great detail. During many of your posts, it seems the Diablo 6.0 keeps popping up as a great car. Anyone who owns/owned one or has lots of seat time care to provide some opinions?

    Was 2000-2001 the final years of the 6.0? As to model, what is the differences in the VT and SE...or any other models there might be?

    The exterior looks much hotter than the Murcie. How are the interior appointments...crude, refined, bare racing, bells & whistles?

    Comments would be appreciated.

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  3. Stay tuned to my comments forthcoming soon on the Murcie. Let's say that 1 year ago upon purchasing the 01 Diablo, I felt like it was always going to be my least favorite car. It soon became my favorite. The interior is loaded with beautiful carbon fiber, a civilized racing cockpit and very cozy seat area. I'm 6'1" and would not want to be much higher in heightThe Diablo redefined my view of torque. The Diablo steers on the heavy side. The acceleration is unreal. Better plan on an extra 20 minutes getting gas. It is truly an awsome looking car and fun to drive. No expensive maintence 15000 checks just fluids yearly.
  4. It is the best looking interior that lamborghini has ever produced period ! Nothing else even comes close . It has every bell and whistle plus the kitchen sink . It looks like a space ship instead of a car.
  5. weatherman-(i'm assuming that has nothing to do with your politics in the late 60's), i went through the dilemma of Murcie vs. 6.0 a few months ago, and bought the 6.0. It was partly an issue of overall aesthetics- Lambos should be outrageous, not rational; the interior of the Murcie left me cold, whereas the 6.0 is truly classic, one of the best cockpits in the whole business, past or present; performance, Italian style vs. performance of a teutonic level- by that, i mean that I liked my berlinetta boxer best out of the ferraris (6) owned so far, and the Diablo was/is old school in the same way; the Murcie, by comparsion, is undoubtedly the "better" car from a technical/performance standpoint, but frankly, i just got out of a Porsche GT2 which was almost impossible to fault (except for its interior) and that "perfection" was ultimately what turned me off. The rawness of the Diablo 6.0 is very appealing to me, whereas to another buyer, it may not strike the same chord. That about sums it up; it's a very involving drive, the power is not something that strikes you in the chest at 0-60, but when you go into serious triple digits in a few blinks from normal highway speeds-and the thing is literally shrieking- and you have 70% pedal still left and you haven't switched up to your last gear- and your ass is starting to vibrate just the smallest bit, and at the same time the car is utterly, unflappably stable, hasn't even started to dig in, you know you are driving something special. PS the seats in the Murcie roadster are more comfortable, but you can't have everything.
  6. Great info guys. Now, any comment on what the models mean, ie. VT, SE, etc? Is there a "base" 6.0 and a "top" 6.0?

    Thanks for all the help.

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  8. All Diablo 6.0's are VT, except for the VT Special Edition, which doesnt have the VT badge, just the SE badge, and is still a VT as well. The SE just has different gears and a few cosmetic upgrades.

    6.0 all the way!

  9. Thanks Ben...and others. Appreciate the feedback.

  10. I didn't even give a Murci consideration before getting my 6.0. I had been wanting a Diablo for years and finally decided to get one this year. I couldn't be happier with the car. The interior is tight (not overly) and feels very much like a high performance sports car. Rear/side visibility isn't the greatest, but it's doable.
  11. The Diablo won't disappoint you at all. It re-defined my perception of the word "torque"!!
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