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Diablo 6.0 in Perth (my pics)

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by FFOUR, Apr 26, 2005.

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  2. very nice. thank you.
  3. Any insight into what he does to afford that at 20. i need some tips...
  4. Great pics. Any idea roughly what the going rate is for a 6.0 over there? Just curious what the prices are over there. A friend of mine from Sydney bought a 996TT in 2001 and got on the waiting list for the 360 Spider back then. He told me the price he was looking at paying for the Spider. I can't remember the figure, but I remember it was ridiculously expensive.
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  6. I was thinking the same thing, but I didn't ask him as I thought it might seem a bit intrusive ;) I did find out where he lives, and thats a nice area so he is obviously living the high life :)

    I saw this one going for $AU 300K (~ 235K USD) a few months ago at the dealer ;) I think thats a pretty good price, its much more rare then other cars you can buy for that money :)
  7. Beautiful pix of an equally beautiful car... thanks for sharing with us.
  8. why the turn lights don't match ? (different colours)
    it's one of the few times I see a Lambo posing with it's doors shut
    P.S. wait a minute! that car has it's steering wheel on the "wrong" side ! LOL
  9. Nice to see a young lad with a car like that! And he's not affraid to use it! Like the 996 too...the man has taste!

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  11. Stunning pictures!! Many thanks.
  12. That is is a European thing with fog lights, the left one (white/clear one) is a reverse light, and the right one (red one) is in fact a rear fog light.

    Apparently if you brought it you could change it by buying a US-spec rear right light and have the electric's re-wired to make it a reverse light ;)

    thanks...coming from a Diablo 6.0 owner that means alot :)
  13. Diablo at 20 = parental money in 99.9% of cases.

  14. i love red and yellow on diablos (well and most other exotics)
  15. or lottery!!!.. more power too him.. just dont crash..
  16. Or dot.com boom! That created plenty of 20 something millionaires.


    Great pics Dingo! SO nice to see a local car posted. I am still waiting to set my eyes on an early model Diablo (not roadster) in Aus. Lamborghini in South Melbourne had an awesome black VT for a while in about 2002. Not sure where it went, but I have not seen it since it was sold.

    If you spot anymore Lambos, please post some pics ;)

    There is an elusive Countach getting around that I am hoping to get some pics of soon... stay tuned.
  17. I definately will, though its not a regular occurence :(
    These are the Lambo's that I have seen in Perth (not counting ones at dealers):

    * yellow Diablo 6.0 pictured here
    * red Diablo VT & black Countach 25th Ann. owned by the same guy
    * yellow Diablo SV currently for sale privately
    * white Countach 5000QV
    * silver Murcielago
    * 40th Anniversary Murcielago (only one in the country!!!)
    * silver Urraco

    I have taken pics of all of these except the silver Murcielago - which I saw one of the rare times I didn't have a camera on me :(
  18. Excellent pics, thanks! Diablo from 3/4 view=perfection
  19. Actually there is another Diablo 6.0 in dark blue here in Perth. A rich Indonesian student used to owned it, he sold it about 2 years ago. He still keep his F355 B though. He used to drive the Lambo to Curtin Uni!!!
  20. any pics?
    I used to go to Curtin around that time but never saw it there in the carpark.....can't imagine that he would leave it unattended there. On two occasions my car was broken into at Curtin, so no doubt those same tossers would be willing to scratch (or worse) a Diablo :(
  21. Maybe a Suharto relative? :)

    If you spot any L-cars you know its your duty to take pics and post them ;)

    Ive seen this one for sale. There is also a roadster that is for sale. Its been for sale for a long time now.
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    I took this one at Targa (Stuart Appelbys Gallardo loaner) - it has a full roll cage and damn it had the best exhaust note when it was going past flat to the floor.
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  23. nice pic mate, it sure looks good in black :) Its a shame he didn't perform so well in the overall standings....how many stages did you manage to attend/watch?
  24. Unless I am mistaken, this chap has a Murcie too! :)
  25. Sorry Dingo22, been digging up in my comp but coudn't find the pic. But if any of you went to Motorplex drag race like 3 years ago, he went to "test" his car quite a few times. The best time he did was 12.7, can do better...depends on the driver I guess. Some nasty R33 GTR did 11.4 that day too, went past the lambo like it got its handbrake on.
  26. Nice pic's.

    Now I'm home sick, just around the corner from Coco's right? Looks good.

    Hope to see my 355 there soon.

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