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Depreciation Comparisons

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by JTranfield, Dec 14, 2004.

  1. Hi I have been reading all the recent threads about the G car..................
    I was leaning towards buying a used 360 (2001) but it now sounds like I can
    find a used G car for the same price or not much more. I went to the dealer in Atlanta this weekend and I must say the car looks fabulous in orange. They however did not seem like they were selling for the prices some of you guys have mentioned.
    Is this really the case and if so why? I am not rich and cannot afford massive depriciation so do you guys think the G car will drop to less than an equivilant 360 (125k) in the near term. Personally I also agree with another poster about the stability issue in regular high speed freeway driving.
    My friends 360 which I have driven a lot at 130 plus always seems a little too
    flighty and the big Audis and BMs seem much more secure. For me the G car may be a better bet as I have read in magazines such as Evo that it is more a GT than an outright Sportscar. Thanks for any input.
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  3. It depends what your definition of near-term....Assuming the depreciation curve continue to descend at the same rate, it might reach that in the next 2 to 3 months but it is doubtful....but mid 130's is very likely.

    The biggest bearish argument is there are still a lot more sellers than buyers out there for these cars. I know of many dealers in the country still sitting on a handful of of these cars in their showrooms praying prices will somehow rebound....the bullish agrument is many of us (myself included) will be buyers if its price ever dips to mid or low 130's....

    Btw, it is a great car and it does look sharp in the color you mentioned. Good luck to you.
  4. At $135k it seems like a great buy to me. I mean we are talking about a 5000 mile or less car that retails for $190k. I am in the UK next week and I think they are still selling at a premium over there or am I wrong....................................

  5.'s a great buy @ $135k when today it's trading in the mid $140 to low $150k but when it starts selling in the high $130k, our definition of bargain might alter a bit :)
  6. If depreciation is a factor look to older cars. At that price you can get a 512M where depreciation is slowing or stopped. Going up ? Check older countach or boxers.Even better are older front engined V-12's.
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  8. good point, if depreciation is a primary concern, then an older, collectable type car would be the 1st choice, such as a 512m or even a 512tr.....but the 360 and g car are much more modern cars and that has advantages in everyday driving and reliablity

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