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Delivery Day

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by racerdj, Apr 24, 2005.

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  2. Dave,

    Fantastic cars! The Murcie in the last shot looks lovely, nice with the 05 wheels on.

    Congrats on the new purchase. Enjoy.

  3. Awesome Pictures! Your car collection is awesome! And the 2005 Wheels do look amazing! Big improvment over the 2002-2004 wheels. Hope you have fun with her! :D
  4. The shots really give you an opportunity to compare. The Murcie is actually a better looking car, the Diablo more dated, but more outrageous; what's that thing in the middle :) Enjoy!
  5. I was very impressed with them. It really sets the car off as it does with the Spyder.
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  7. I'd love to see a shot of the two butt to butt (or head to head), since the side profile of the Diablo is what looks so outrageous to me.

  8. What's that thing in the middle ? WTF ? We have to be nice on this site. There are other (in your face) L sites on the web. Remember we are a guest on this site. Better looking ? - Agreed. However we are not going to talk about the dash. However the interior does rock.

    Very nice - "line up."
  9. great cars and great the red on the murci, but that diablo is also a work of art...who would have ever thought a red ferrari could be invisible next to two other cars!!!!!
  10. Such a beautiful line up! I must stay though that the 360 looks like nothing when in between the Merci and the Diablo!!!
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  12. Dave.

    WOW...what a great collection - I'd love it..

    That red Murcie l@@ks stunning - and with those wheels..P E R F E C T :D

    Thanx for sharing this great pics with us :)

  13. You.Are.My.Hero.:D You're car collection is the kind that I will one day have. Absolutely beautiful cars!
  14. Congrats Dave! Great pics.
  15. Bill, I had the exact opposite reaction as you. I guess different people see different things with their eyes, huh.

    To me the headlights of the Murcie is a design disaster when seen in conjunction with the front ducts in the bumper. Too many different shapes at once.

    Whereas, the Diablo design (front end) is more uniform and everything flows (for a lack of a better word) from a design perspective.

    ** I am not some liberal hippy design foo-foo guy. I have no a creative bone in my body, just my natuaral vision. :) **

    All that said, Dave is a wise man to have one from each era. ENjoy them in good health, Dave. :)

    Of all the toys, what is your daily driver?
  16. There's the hot setup! :)
  17. congratulations:D

    What are the details on
    the Murcie?
  18. Bella! Congrats!

    All look awesome--that 6.0 has stolen my heart though.
  19. I'm just gonna make the assumption that you absolutely despise the color red;)
  20. what is the name for the Murcielago's colour?
    I used to complaint about Murcielago's wheels being less impressive than those found on a Gallardo.
    but now they've fixed that with those incredible Roadster wheels.
    P.S. I agree : that "thing" in the middle of your 2 cars looks out of the question and must go to leave it's place to a ... maybe a Miura or some other fine exotic...
    SLR for the grocery trips perharps?
  21. I love seeing pics of multiple exotics in one locale.

    Great collection, but what do you use the Z06 for when you have two Lambo's? :)
  22. In another thread he mentioned that the z06's are his son's and his friend. I believe that is right.
  23. Hey, Ralph: I smiled :) when i said that. You know me, the consummate diplomat. I still like Ferraris. Unfortunately, the ones i like best are now all million dollar cars, or close to it, and none of them are called the "Enzo." LAFUN2: you are right about it being subjective. YOu know what i'm currently driving. But, maybe the better way to say it is that the Murcie looks fresher, more current, more up to date, not necessarily that i prefer it to the 6.0 which is more outrageous. As to the different shapes of vents and headlights, just look at that car in the middle! (smile)
  24. Glad to see we share similar opinions on the Enzo. :)

    I really tried to like the Murcie, but compared to the Diablo I just don't see it, yet. Doesn't mean it won't grow on me. I don't hate it like I do the Enzo, and that is another story. When I am ready to buy, the 6.0 might be too old, and at that time if I would rather have something newer, a lime green murcie wouldn't be out of the question. :)

    Bill, me and Ralph share the same set of eyes. Our eyes go to either Julietta's curves or the cars with the BUlls on them. I don't see any real cars in the middle, I only see two bulls. :)
  25. OMG! That is one friggin awesome garage! I envy you!!!!!! Sweet pictures, and sweet color combo on the murcie. I love it!!!!
  26. What can I tell you?
  27. It's not in the picture. It's a Dark Red 05 Jeep Cherokee Hemi.

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