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Decided to join the party ! Newbie.....

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by lamborghinikid, Oct 22, 2004.

  1. I finaly decided to join the party. I see some familiar faces and names and wanted to say hello.
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  3. Ben , i hope all is well ! I was going to drop you a line. I plan on droping the driveshaft in my 6.0 this coming week and running my lowenharts. I will let you know how i like the 2 wheel vs the all wheel . Your a sick , sick man for having both of those 6.0's ! Orange and yellow, both my favorites !
  4. Awesome! After I got my Orange I was real upset with the rims. I couldnt go over 100mph w/o there being a ton of vibration on the car, at 120mph it felt like it was going to fall apart.

    Turned out that the morons who installed Busta Rhymes' rims never balanced the wheels, and once that was done it rides smooth as smooth can be.

    Not sure if I want to do the 2WD thing or not -- Love to see what you think of yours when you do!

  5. Ben , if you are going to run factory rims your fine with the all wheel but if you still have the lowenharts on with all wheel GET THEM OFF ! They are WAY out of specs even with the compensated tire size and will kill your Vicious coupling front diff. Front diff is $30,000 ! It is not will it go bad, but when, as it will tear it out. When i put mine on i will pull the drive shaft. About an hour job at the most so its no big deal but no way should you run them with the drive shaft in.
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  7. Hello

    How is the Countach ?

    I miss the Countach
  8. ralfabco , i sold the CT but man i loved that car ! I hope to have another one down the road. I hated to sell it due to the fact it took my about 3 years to find a realy nice CT . The car i bought was a 84 fuel car , it was the best kept and conditioned CT that i had found when i bought it and that was after looking at about 8. However when i do buy another CT i plan on getting my true CT love. An 88 or 88 1/2 !
  9. Jeff:

    I really miss it also. It is the manual steering that I really miss. That thing felt so good above 120+ etc.... The P.S. in the Diablo, is like playing a video game. It just ain't the same feeling. I also liked the smaller dimensions. The only things I do not miss. - Visibility and aerodynamics. - What a brick !! The Vis you get used to. Aerodynamics were terrible. I understand it is .42 without the wing. - That is bad.

    What I really would love to get. (Before they become discovered) The Series one lowbody LP400S. The car produced from 1978-1979. I think there were only 42 produced. This is the car that is an inch lower + 1 inch less headroom. It is also supposed to be the best handling Countach produced. It is also quite lightweight. - Good luck finding them !!! They are also the most badass looking factory Countach produced. - They are on the ground.
  10. So what color is your 6.0 by the way?
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  12. Interesting Ralf. I never knew that the Countach had a bad aerodynamic profile. Its almost like an aerofoil. I have heard about the terrible visibility, quoting Jeremy Clarkson "Daryl Hannah could be sunbathing topless back there (on the trunk) and you would never know.."

    The 88 1/2 is my favorite Countach, and it has to be red! I would almost take one over a Diablo. If only they were a more driver friendly car. I hear the clutch is really heavy and their is that vision problem..
  13. Jeff - Beautiful car. The 6.0 has the best looking modern interior.

    Sportveloce - The car loses aerodynamic efficiency with the area behind the window glass, wing, wheel fenders, and airboxes etc..... Remember that car was originally designed in the very early 1970's. I do not know how much time they spent in the wind tunnel ? Also. I believe the car was designed without production in mind. Yes the original show car was more aerodynamically efficient. The production car (aerodynamically) became worse throughout the years. Lamborghini in the early 1970's was a very small car producing company. I do not know how much time they could devote to cleaning up the design.

    The visibility can be overcome. You learn where to put your pupils. Some have put a little Peeping Tom camera in the back. The shifting is not that bad. - It is not like a Camry. The car is really fun on the back roads.
  14. Not too shabby. Nice!
  15. Yellow, the perfect color for a 6.0 !
  16. I rememeber you from allans site.

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