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Decided on this

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by 6.0 se, Jul 9, 2004.

  1. First, I was going to get an orange G car. Then I decided to get a Ford GT instead. However, I am not going to pay way over MSRP. Then I saw the blue G car, and it was beautiful. However, received a call the other day, and it appears that this is a done deal!! Its an 04. 6 speed of course.
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  3. Its perfect! GET IT! Whats the cost?
  4. thats the best color combo. I love the stitching!
  5. Thank you Shahram. Orange is it for me!!
  6. Is it new? If not whats the milage
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  8. 90 miles.
  9. Please PM me what you negotiated on price as I will be in the market late August and want to know what kind of cushion there is on these cars ...

  10. Is that at Lambo of Dallas? I was just there this week. That car is GORGEOUS!!!
  11. Yes, it is. Thanks alot. Cant wait!!
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  13. So AJ with the new Toy are you coming to runnig of the bulls?
  14. A.J. geeze-us.................. that is incredible. i love the orange, with the green bieng a very close second. please dont get rid of the Countach, i am still saving up for one!!!!
    seriously, that is a great choice , thanks for the pics!!!!
  15. Congratulations! That orange color is stunning. So are those 90 miles "delivery" miles, or was this "pre-owned". Are you going to keep your 6.0?
  16. Keeping the 6.0. If it was pre-owned, he didnt have much fun!!lol
  17. Very nice, I like Murcs now. Wating for the roadster to come out
    Congrats :)
  18. Thank you William. The roadster will be unreal!!
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  20. Hell ya love it in so jealous!
  21. Congrats,

    Enjoy it!
  22. Congrats! So what are you going to keep in your garage now?
  23. Its like money grows on tree's for some. Congrats! Enjoy, its an awesome car and yes im jealous.
  24. Congrats AJ. I love the fact that you always get exotics in exotic colors. I truly admire that about you. You not only have great class, personality, but seem like a very enthusiastic owner. THums up from the left coast. :) Hope to make your acquaintance some day. :)

    So countach/6.0/murcie/viper. What stays outside in the rain? :D

    Have fun :)

  25. Wow, very very sweet, only in a Lambo can you get away with that over the top color which in this case is truly stunning. Please let us know what you think overall compared to you're previous Lambos, specificly the SV comparision.

    Congratulations and enjoy her!
  26. A very good choice. The color is awsome as we saw one in Chicago back in April. You can not appreciate the depth of the color in the photographs
    as seeing it in person. A very good addition to your collection. Will the Orange clash with the gold and yellow cars?? COngrats and am anxiously awaiting your driving experiences and impressions.
  27. The same request for me! minus "the being in the market in August."

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