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[DAL] Lamborghini Polo Cup

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by woodlands_vt, Jun 4, 2004.

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  3. LOL.Ryan,your killin me.EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Wow Ryan, your best ever. I'm not a horse person, but I know folks into Polo, and this is great. Almost as good as Maranelloman's pic of the "Big Tire" Maranello.

    I take back everything that I have said about you. (j/k)
  5. Thanks, it was the best Lamborghini Polo picture I could think of. I think it would be cool to be there though and watch them play polo in their cars, zooming all over the field (that's what's going to happen, right?). I'd put my money on the team with the most VT's, I think the AWD will do better on the turf.
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  7. Haha...great pic. I just added it to my folder of "funny pictures." :)
  8. Some pics of the Lamborghini Polo Cup event... Several Lamborghini's and Ferrari's participated, along with a few other exotic/sports cars.
    I counted 9 Gallardos, 5 Diablos, 2 Murcielagos, 1 Countach, several Ferraris, one DB7, 1 Porsche 911 x50, 1 BMW Z08, 1 Panoz Esperante, and more!
  9. Beautiful pics!!!Its amazing how good the Countach still looks,even up against that field.
  10. Luigi is that you? I chickened out for fear of rain. Looks like a good turn out.

    Raymond Santilli
    Yellow SV. In Oklahoma City.
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  12. Hey another Rosso Metis colored Gallardo!
    I told that CHP"it wasn't me must have been another Gallardo same color!"
  13. Woodlands_VT,

    Can you send me some info about this event - as a Lamborghini performance parts distributor (and novice polo player), I'd be interested in helping with sponsorship next time.

    Please e-mail me at bcardani@dexmllc.com. It looks like a great event.


    Brent Cardani

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