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Current Countach pricing

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by jcl, Jul 22, 2004.

  1. I have gone through various internet sites looking at prices of the 400 and 5000 models. The asking prices are truly all over the place and the price guides have 20 to 40% variance between them.

    What the current selling price (versus asking) for an early Countach in #2 or #3 condition with about 20 to 30k miles on it. This assume the maintenance is up to date with a recent major. I want a car to drive and enjoy versus babying it. I beleive I am capable of doing the maintenance on it except for major problems.

    I would appreciate numbers based on first hand knowledge. Thanks in advance.

    Joe Ramirez
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  3. Countach prices vary so much because there really aren't that many around to have a basic price structure. They only made about 1900 of them from begining to end of production.

    You aslo have to take into consideration that many of the cars have now become just short of basket cases. There are alot of reasonably priced cars out there, but be VERY awear of cars that seem to good to be true, because they more then likely are.

    When looking for ANY car of an exotic nature you must have them inspected from top to bottom BEFORE buying. Make sure before you being your search to fine a tech who knows the cars. Be willing to pay for his time to come out and see a car(if local anyway). This small investment can save you masive dollars in repairs.

    Buy the best car you possiably can, and have at minimum 5k disposable income per year to spend on the car if you plan to drive it alot. Be prepared to use up clutchs (at least one) until you become used to how to operate the clutch correctly(in or slipping if at all avoidable). A clutch job can hit almost 10k in some cases, so be careful.

    Tires for the car are becomeing difficult to locate. mainly becuase to the 15 inch rim size. Not too many cars (including econo boxes) come with that size tire anymore so try to find one with good rubber. Other parts are also starting to become difficult to find espeacialy OEM body components and larger suspension peices. Interior parts are also difficult to get ahold of but can be made by any competent interiot/trim house.

    performing even routine maintenance on these car (espeacialy the injected models) can be difficoult if one is not familier with a wrench. These cars are one of the most difficult cars to work on..most due to space and reachhhh problems. To do say a valve adjustment requires a fare amount o dissasembly of the engine componets (intake, camcovers,coolant hoses etc)
    Oil change is about as easy as it gets on these cars and even that can be a pain somtimes(damn little tiny selftappers that hold the little screen/heatsheilding on the later models).

    I hope this helps a bit.
  4. I can give you real #'s on late model cars if your interested.86-89 years. Let me know.
  5. I think I'll be keeping mine a while longer.

    No sense giving away a work of art for pocket change

    Maybe in a few years I'll trade her on a Murcielago roadster :)
  6. I am compiling a current "real" price list of late model Countaches. Will have it soon. Generally, Countach prices have been edging up for the last 8 months.
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