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Crashed Diablo on ebay

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by wrecktech, Oct 7, 2004.

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  2. Makes me want to cry.
  3. Good deal for a mechanic, my 92 512TR had worse damage than that before I rebuilt it as a race car
  4. Yes it looks like a pretty easy fix, I wish I had the cash for it.
  5. Be "Extremly" careful when buying a wrecked exotic fixer-upper. Forget about when you fixed up a Chevy. The fenders, dash, seats, and bumpers etc... on these exotics will make your jaw drop. Price out the parts before you decide to purchase.

    He has 75K in the car !!!! - What a genious. Too bad. For the low 100's he could have had a mint low-mile documented one-two owner 92 Diablo.
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  7. Good advice, I bought my 86 Countach for $85 & spent about that $ fixing it & it was a driver, not a wreck like this

    Also Lambo parts may be hard to find & you may be in for a wait on some parts
  8. it might have been this one....
  9. "viperguy" had posted last month that he was looking for a rebuildable/salvageable Lambo

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