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Countach, the ultimate supercar

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Supercars' started by joe sackey, Aug 21, 2007.

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  2. Beautiful car, and nice shack too.
  3. WOW a dream come true!
  4. Beautiful LP400 Joe, Congrats to the new owner!!!!!
  5. The 'driveway' is a mile long :)

    Previous owner was a major race-winning Formula One Team sponsor based in California. The car is headed to another California owner.

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  7. that is a beautifull car ;)
  8. Then you sir have impeccable taste...

    This Periscopa is not one that needs to be talked up all day and night. It simply speaks for itself. Its immaculate in all areas and drives like one should.

  9. you got that right ;)
  10. Nice!
    Is that the "Pure 70s"?
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  12. Nope, it isnt. This is another car. PURE 70s/1120086 has a black interior...

  13. Can you reroute it to Chicago ? :)

    Beautiful . How many Periscopa were built ?
  14. 157 of which the factory 'sacrificed' approx 25 into LP400S....

  15. hi joe...
    what are the differences in the suspension from the lp400 and the cars that were sent back to italy ? i am planning to bring my car back to orig. and noticed that the control arms are different...what about the hubs >? any other parts ?
  16. LOL, to convert your car back to the LP400 it started life out as, you need to do EVERYTHING.

    First off the parallel-linked suspension for the LP400S has to come off and be replaced with the old wishbone units and LP400 hubs to accomodate the small 14-inch Campagnolos. I know for a fact that you CANNOT get the 9-inch rear Campagnolos, even the the fronts are available courtesy of some junked Uracco. Then the ATE brakes have to go to be replaced with the old Girlings. The bodywork will have to be completely revised especially the difficult-to-fabricate Persicopa roof which your car no longer has. In addition, your car would have to be fully restored with the livery going back to Blu Tahiti paint with Blu leather interior. Then I will give you a major prize if you can find a set of correct Stage III Stewart Warner gauges! LOL. LOL. Oh and dont forget the intricate engine-bay cover specifc only to LP400s. Then youll need a readily available LP400 steering wheel and Im sure I have an LP400 original fibreglass front bumper with vertical grille vents on my shelf :)

    Sincerely, a good idea would be to ship the car back to Sant Agata and have them do the conversion back and certify it. Thats what I would do.

  17. Wow, I dont know what to say. That's perfect. I am really starting to dig classic lambo's more and more.

    That shack is nice too. Looks like Europe.
  18. Europe by way of the USA.

    Thanks for the sentiments. Yes this is one of nicest Periscopas in existence. In finding cars for freinds & clients I ask myself one question: Would I buy it? If the answer is no, I find an excuse not to be involved. This way, when people deal with me, they know that any car I represent will be something I would own personally.

  19. Joe is right that the re-conversion will be pretty involved. Sourcing the missing parts will keep you busy for quite a while (I'll bet those rear wheels are out there, if you look in enough back rooms and dark basements). Some of the parts will most likely have to be hand fabricated from scratch (Cha-Ching!).

    The metalwork to recreate the periscope and engine cover will require a good fabricator (and another LP400 to take measurements and trial fittings). The old style rear suspension uses different "pickup points" on the chassis so some welding and grinding will be necessary there.

    It's an ambitious project but if you can take an $150K car and make a $400K car out of it and do it while the market is hot it might be worth it.
  20. And that my freind would be the primary reason anyone would go to all the trouble and expense. Lets hope the market remains hot...

  21. Joe

    Beautiful car

    Any chance that is the x-Burtoni LP 400 inventory, that went to a buyer in Oklahoma ?
  22. Yes. Ex-Mansour Ojjeh, owner of TAG (Techniques Avante Garde) and McLaren Formula One Team sponsor who kept it at his Santa Barbara mansion. The buyer is from Santa Barbara so I suppose its going back home...

  23. looks great
  24. Joe, does the factory have a dedictated section for classics such as the Classishe section at Ferrari?
  25. Stunning car.
    The LP400 is a design classic.
  26. If that is the car Al B. had in 1998 or so, I went to Gilroy and looked at it. It was gorgeous. I think the ask was 95k dollars. I should have, woulda, coulda....
  27. No. But they should.


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