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Countach Roadster Conversion? <<<<<<<

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by ryalex, Apr 13, 2005.

  1. Has anyone done this? Straman, perhaps? Photos?

    I was just brainstorming a bit this afternoon and I thought a Countach roadster (with a reinforced frame and Euro bumpers) would be an exciting car.
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  4. Thanks Ryan!

    Hmm... I don't like the treatment of all of the vents and shapes behind the cockpit. Too jagged. But, I think overall it could have something going for it. Maybe something in carbon fiber, yeah, that's the ticket!
  5. Anytime brotha! :)
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  8. Forget the roadster project, the rear of the Anniversary needs some serious cleaning up. I can live /w/ the front once I get a euro bumper but that rear /w/ the bumper crunched up against the qtr panels & wheel arches is fugly. There are supposedly 650 Anniversaries produced minus those that got stuffed into trees. There's gotta be other owners who agree on the rear end & who might provide a market for a suitable design should you create one.

    BTW, that is a sweet-looking side view Chris.
  9. Thanks!

    The Anniversary has always been a favorite, right next to the first LP400's in my book. Anything that fell in the middle doesn't 'do' it for me, and you're right about the awkwardness of the 25th- but I love it regardless.

  10. Chris,

    Great job. You actually made the CT presentable in my eyes. Nice! :)
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  12. Well, since ya'll are in RB or the valley, let me know when you want to sit in the passenger seat while my evil twin terrorizes the 110 at midnight on a Sunday or Monday :D
  13. I'd love to, but I think you'd have to add a 'Gurney Bubble' for me to fit my 6'4"ish frame in that car. ;)

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    This was actually the reason I thought of a roadster, because they are so claustrophobia-inducing... this pic doesn't showed how scrunched up I was to fit - my legs aren't even fitting under the wheel. Well, they fit when bent inward sitting almost indian-style, but I couldn't get my leg into a position to use the pedals properly.
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  15. I will take you up on the offer.

    And no, not in the "valley" :)
  16. But there'll be two people.. the carpool lanes are wide open! ;)

  17. I've never even tried because I know it won't be pretty- kind of like when I turned down a free 914 after I realized that the steering wheel was actually on my thigh, my feet were as you described, and my head was sticking above the roof line.


  18. what carpool lane
    lived around here 20+ years
    never seen what you are talking about
    :confused: :confused: :confused:

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    I can't believe some people..
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  20. PM me. We could do a run with several cars for those who DONT like to get out of bed before 10AM :D

    Regarding tall guys fitting in the car, has anyone tried to get a few extra inches by putting in diff't seats?
  21. If i remember correctly,in the early eighties Al Mardikian of Trend Imports produced a couple of targa versions of the countach.The company got into trouble with the authorities over federalization issues but they used to make some wild cars

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