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Countach QV FI Thread

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Supercars' started by johnhoughtaling, Nov 2, 2017.

  1. I figured it was time to start a separate thread on the 1986-1988 fuel injected Quatrovalve Countach. I am not going to be surprised to see a Downdraft cross the million dollar mark in the near term. And it occurs to me that the near identical, FI QV, with a few infection and engine bit changes, appears to be a pretty good value in the alternative.

    So let's start a thread on this variant.

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  3. I always disliked the rats nest of electrical wires in the engine of the FI Qv. I assume a lot of this centers around the forced modification of the engine for the old emission control systems.

    Is there a straightforward way to reduce the amount of electrical wires in the engine compartment of the FI QV? Can the old emissions system be removed?

    Are there preferred exhaust systems which improve efficiency?

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  4. all good threads start with photos
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  6. Image Unavailable, Please Login Thanks John! I have quite a bit of information on the electrical wiring of the FI models. In the meantime, here was one of my favorite photos a buddy of mine shot on the way to a car show.

  7. This link is up in the the maintenance, tech and repair section, but it can’t hurt to have it here in the FI area. I posted this back in 2013 when Jason and I put together some wiring schematics. They are nicely color coded and loads of technical data....

  8. I replaced my big box ANSA with the Quicksilver Sport System. The previous owner had already removed the catalytic mufflers. Here is mine before installation:

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  10. Excellent idea!
    Image Unavailable, Please Login Image Unavailable, Please Login

    Standing in front of this 1988 iteration, I can assure you the magic’s still there. The lines are just staggering. Every angle, every surface every crease is but one more piece of eye candy. Every time you look at the car, you discover something new to delight you. Even the mighty wing looks fabulous. There’s lots of chatter among car cognoscenti about which Countach is the best. There’s universal agreement that the worst is the Horacio Pagani-designed 25th Anniversary Countach, which featured ungainly and unnecessary strakes over almost every surface. Your typical automotive know-it-all will argue that the best Countach is actually the first-generation LP400, the wingless, strakeless, skinny-tires version that launched in 1974. I’ve been guilty of saying such a thing myself. But spending the day in and out of this red 5000QV (aka Quattrovalvole) with its gold phone-dial wheels and giant 335×15 Pirelli P7 tires convinces me that my 12-year-old self was right. All the scoopage and stretched body work that was required to shroud those meaty tires makes this is the greatest Countach of them all, bar none, end of story, check please, taxi. Further proof from owner Houston: “The 11-year-old boy down the street from me thinks it’s the greatest car in the world, and I think he’s right.”
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  13. Quicksilver exhaust check.

    Any info on desmogging a QV FI car? Looking to simplify the rats nest in the engine bay and improve breathability.

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  14. Yes, great tread, and yes,the rats nest can be 97% eliminated, beeing if your air pump is disconnected (belt off) mine been off for a while , did not seem to do ,or make any changes ,(i noticed the dd got the same air pump) the escape
    acc to Tim at Goerge Evans, remove air pump.Cuts out at 2krpm in original intended mode, iow,an item to pass epa at low rpm test , I took my belt off,and unnplugged, will remove the whole pump assy next,with it the 3 small relays wich controlls the air passage from pump to exhaust manifold,.by doing this,the engine bay will look very clean ,with the inntake runners and Bosch fuel distributors beeing the dominating items,wich imho,looks very industrial and machinery like, (powerful) also i innstalled KN airfilters wich is a p/n for QV Countach (Carid)and fits perfectly in the airboxes, compareing these with the stock ital brand items,they are amazingly less restrictive, all this beeing said,install headers and quicsilver or Ansa tails, the fi will breath and look very cool and unncluttered,
  15. Where is this car today? Is it for sale?thanks
  16. Wich front bumper is this?i replaced mine with original p/n euro qv,back when i de bumpered my car, similar to Joes car, yours look nothing like that,just curious.thanks
  17. Image Unavailable, Please Login The previous owner put that on. Its a bumper from a 25th Anniversary. I still have the horrible big, black fromt bumper that came with the car. One of these days, I’d love to install a real euro front bumper. Then I’ll have 2 front bumpers laying around! LOL!! Here is a other shot.....

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  18. If and when i do a repaint,i will pop a mold of my bumper. Its a tiny task in our system. In fact,if there is guys out there having problems getting these,i will gladely take mine off and reproduce a few, if the need is there.poss 5 or more.
  19. Also the grills are simple alu plates and tiny tube spacers,i bought mine from Ultimate motorworks as a Lambo p/n.but had i known how simple they where,i would have made them in my factory, also the Carrellos i found on ebay.

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