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Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by ryalex, Jul 31, 2004.

  1. Well, yesterday I sat in my first Lambo. Seen plenty - but never got to take a seat - yesterday I got the chance to wedge myself into this 1980 carbed Countach S. Unfortunately it was getting the head gasket done so no ride opportunity.

    It was very tight inside! The pedals were surprisingly close to the seat, and the nice and meaty steering wheel so low I couldn't fit my leg in a way to actually put my feet on the pedals in a manner resembling a driving position. Tom (member tbakowsky), who is working on it, said the wheel is adjustable with a bolt. That might make it driveable.

    Also, the pillars touched the side of my head a lot, meaning an accident would probably be very messy. I don't see how any big athlete types could have ever fit in it - maybe it was for European soccer and tennis players.

    Overall, it was a fun experience and exciting just to be in THE poster car of the 1980's; I would like to ride in one sometime (the passenger seat was a lot easier fit), but I think in all reality the Murcielago would end up being the most comfortable - and coincidentally, my favorite Lambo. :)

    Here's a pic and some variations. The actual color was an orangey-copper, which has come out very red in the original.
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  3. Let's not forget that Limited Edition 40th Anniversary Countach!
  4. Nice colors

    I will take the lime green. - of course.

    I had to drive without shoes !! My shoes are not big and wide.

    I should have gotten the backwoods hillbilly gas pedal with the outline of a bare foot.

    Ryan. Did you fell like you were going to blast off ? They are quick for the era. The bird cage frame helps with relative lightweight. The problem is the aerodynamics. There are none. It is a brutal gorgeous brick. I miss it.
  5. I did note that each of my shoes covered 1.5 pedals at once, and feet together covered all three (and I think they are only 11.5 or 12's).

    Actually, it was kind of like sitting in the old shuttle cockpit at Cape Canaveral/Kennedy... A whole bunch of switches I didn't recognize and nothing was working! ;)
  6. Ryan

    There is a very rare model made just before, that is even "less" user friendly.

    The car looks identical to the average Joe. It is the LP 400 Series one
    lowbody. Built from 1978-1979. The radical version !

    The car sits 1 inch lower. The inside of the cabin has 1 inch less headroom.
    They only built 42 of those cars before making it more "friendly".

    It is the best handeling factory Countach. They look like they are sitting
    on the ground.

    I understand what you meant about pressing all three pedals at the same time. My shoe is a 9 1/2 - 10 wide.
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  8. Nice colors Ryan, particularly the 40th. That will be "The Color" for years to come. I wish,oh how I wish that they had made a Diablo in that color.
  9. Ryan,

    I think the car you were in was Chad Bolles Ex car, did it have gold wheels? If so that car is a very famous car. It was on the inside cover of a very popular Lambo book! Ill find one of my copys and post the pic!

  10. Yes, it was Mr. Bolles' car. A pic would be great!

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