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Countach engine and engine bay refresh

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Supercars' started by sp1der, Nov 20, 2019.

  1. Just starting the next phase of getting the Countach all together sorted, so engine out precipitated by a small leak from the flange joint for the gearbox tube into the sump. Planned work is to clean and referb the engine bay components, new engine bay harness, and min sort out the cylinder heads as the valve stem seals are starting to show some signs of giving up the ghost - plus make a few things a bit more service friendly e.g. fuel filter location.

    Has uncovered some butchery to the exhaust by a ham fisted attempt to make it all fit which will require the LHS pipes to be re-made to properly align and remove the kinks caused by some-one bending them to make them fit and also welding on the sleeve connector at an angle! Image Unavailable, Please Login Image Unavailable, Please Login Image Unavailable, Please Login Image Unavailable, Please Login Image Unavailable, Please Login Image Unavailable, Please Login
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  3. Ohhhh, I shall be watching this thread with some interest. That exhaust mod must be worth at least 50 ponies lost!
  4. Certainly won't help for sure
  5. Go all the way with the motor. There are usually are surprises inside :)
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  6. Will see what we find for sure it's guides, seals, valves but suspect min it will be plateaux hone and new rings plus bearings.
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  8. Obviously from the pics you removed the headers with the engine still in place, but did you have to remove anything else to get to them? Is it possible to remove and replace headers without major deconstruction as you have done?
  9. once the inlet manifolds were off it was easy to get them off, guess it took 20mins a side, it was easier taking these off to get to the engine mounting nuts.
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  10. Great work as ever ;)
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  12. Thanks Rob, hopefully last major step to getting the car back into great shape, as all major systems will have been gone through.
  13. That is progress. What is the bike? An old BMW?
  14. The outfit is a Chang Jiang made in China, basic copy of R71 BMW. Not fast 32HP/350kg! but sounds and looks good. Also interesting as it is shaft drive so has reverse.
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  15. You have already the new head gaskets of Victor Reintz, can be identified by the blue Silicone layer.
  16. Yes already got new gaskets, valve seals, just need to sort out valves now to get the heads done.
  17. If you can or are so inclined, when finished please arrange to have it dyno'd on the bench to get true hp numbers.
  18. It maybe a while, too many projects on the go!
  19. Understood, no worries, I routinely mention this anytime I observe an engine out of a Countach.

    Meanwhile Bravo for the hands-on approach.
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  20. Raymond,

    Are these the gaskets of choice when replacing cylinder heads on a Countach?

  21. Yes, Victor Reintz is a well reputated Producer, since Lambo belongs to Audi they changed from Sanguinelli to Victor Reintz, good decision ime.
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  23. Interesting view. I'm going to guess that the flange seal has been more than a few misdiagnosed rear main seal leaks.
  24. Flywheel is bone dry, there is oil on 2 of the studs on the flange joint and a couple of the nuts are also less than what I would consider tight, the prop is also bone dry, the other thing that is of note is that the pilot bearing is shot - notchy and stiff
  25. has anyone got specs for the camshafts especially lift?

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